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New Riders Look

Blog Aug 11 Rider

Took to the ol MS Paint to show off the art work skills(not really)... However I did want to demonstrate what I personally would have rather seen from the Riders "Signature Look" Jersey

Could have the same (tear drop??arrows??) graphics in the number, shoulders, and helmet... I just think the black with green colour scheme would look pretty intimidating with that defence this year

The Riders back at home Sunday against the Allouettes

First we look to put a wrap on the 2014 WMBL season, with the Tribe hosting games 1 and 2 of the Championship this Wednesday and Thursday... 7:05 first pitch both nights from Mitchell Field... Had a great crowd for game 3 against Regina Saturday, hoping for a couple of sell outs for the Finals!

Broncos Season Fast Approaching

Blog Broncos

Had to steal this Throwback Thursday picture (can you use a TBT on a Friday???)... Hashtag protocol aside I love the old school pics of the Civic Center... Takes me back to simpler days when sleeping in until 9 AM was an accomplishment... Now getting up at 9 AM on the weekend is nearly impossible.

Anyways... The Broncos have their Black and White game (although with the new threads it may be back to Blue and White game) scheduled for the 24th with proceeds going to the new Swift Current Youth Emergency Shelter.

For more details click the link!

A busy weekend before we get back to hockey though... The Indians Game 3 and Game 4 (if necessary) are tomorrow and Sunday night's 7:05 at Mitchell Field, Speedy Creek Racing is good to go again tomorrow night (gates open at 5 races at 7), the Street Dance... Anddddd Drag Racing as well should keep your weekend full of action. Al Kaufmann was in this morning to chat up those Drag Races again

If you see me at the Street Dance tomorrow night, be kind!  Don't try to fight me because you'll just beat me up and make me cry... Beaking me is acceptable though.... Have a great weekend!

Eagle The Elmwood Draw Tomorrow

Eagle Elmwood

Lost about 15 of these yesterday (actually make that 18... one per hole sounds about right)

Blog Aug 7

Despite losing that many balls I still had a decent score (decided that for work purposes any Eagle balls lost wouldn't count against my score since I'm supposed to be losing them).  Also that score is a result of one guy playing two balls (jokes welcomed) AND playing best ball as well... Still I'll take it to be getting along with.

I guess should talk about the actual contest eh?  Find one of those balls pictured above and take it in to the pro shop for your chance to win every Friday morning on The Eagle... Tomorrow giving away $100 GC from Pinnacle Source for Sports, and the Grand Prize is on the 29th (Stay and Play package from Living Sky Casino, Home Inn & Suites, and Elmwood including a new set of clubs)

Elsewhere in the sports world best of luck to the Indians as they head out to Regina for Game 1 of the East Finals in the WMBL!  And also to the Riders as they head to what is now being dubbed #Willypeg????  Having lived in Manitoba for a couple of stretches I can tell you that Manitobans like to make fun of us as much as we like to make fun of them... But seriously this just proves that the only thing Winnipeg (and Manitoba as a whole) will ever be known for is the recepient of our hand me downs (no disrespect to Willy cause I always liked him here in the 306, but tonight I hope he gets sacked and sacked and sacked)

Harbor Golf Club

Tee Off Blog Aug 5

The Long Weekend is now wrapped and hopefully you got to get out into the sunshine and enjoy whatever your pursuit of happiness is... For myself I got to a new course for some golf... Harbor Golf Club wasn't quite what I pictured it heading out... But was more than worth the drive (about an hour and a half from Swifty)

Grain Blog Aug 5

Honestly what could be more 306 than driving down a fairway with a view of the Pool?

Blind Blog Aug 5

And as far as difficulty... Harbor has it's fair share... Mixing some long up and down 5's with a couple of short (but blind) 3's... A couple of blind 4's as well, without taking away from those long straight fairways that everyone loves to play (probably about 5 or 6 pretty "easy" looking par 4's)

Plus heading to 16 you cross a bridge built over a scenic coulee (really it was surreal parked halfway down the bridge, I couldn't describe it if I tried, it's just something you have to experience)

Coulee Blog Aug 5

Coulee 2 Blog Aug 5

Again heading out I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, but after a round I'd definitely head back out... The course is out at Harbor Recreational Park in Elbow, with plenty of beautiful looks out on Lake Diefenbaker included with the green fees (and a scenic proshop/restaraunt/lounge worth stopping in on either before, after, or during)

All the info you could ever need (and I could never provide) is located here ->

Some August Long Inspiration

Ok maybe you don't need a whole lot of inspiration to make a Long Weekend the best it can possibly be... But still some inspiration may be needed when you head back to work Tuesday and with that The Eagle wants to give further props to Megan Chisholm for her swim across the English Channel

Megan joined us in studio yesterday to talk about Juvenile Diabetes (which she raised around 10 G for) and that swim

Don't forget to get down to the ball park this weekend as well for games 1 and 2 of the first round Swift Current/Weyburn WMBL playoff matchup... 7:05 tonight and tomorrow at Mitchell Field

Once again be responsible this long weekend and basically when you get home from work hide the vehicle keys for the weekend!

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