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Indians 2-1 Over The Weekend


The Indians had a rough start to the weekend Friday night in Saskatoon, losing by a final of 11-7... Justin Kehler pitched well in relief of starter Mike Frericks, but got into a jam in the bottom of the 6th loading the bases and walking in a run... Fransisco Pena came in to clean up from there and on only his second pitch of the game made a mistake up in the strikezone leading to a grand slam that the Indians could never recover from.

Saturday and Sunday the Tribe played host to Edmonton and with the addition of Taylor Steen, Michael Eberle, and Hunter Owen would finally get their first 2 wins of the year, 12-2 Saturday, and 3-1 Sunday.  Some added power in the middle of the lineup definitely helped, but strong pitching from Sean Callegari, Fernando Pena, and Zac Manley would also be big in picking up those two wins.  Callegari was credited with Saturday's win, while Manley got the W Sunday and was named player of the game.

Managed to get a quick talk in with Manley after Sunday's win and he seemed pretty happy with how the day turned out

The Okotoks Dawgs are in town tomorrow night, first pitch at 7:05 from Mitchell Field, you can catch the game on the Eagle as well starting at 6:50.

There was one ejection in Saturday's game (Brenden Wiun of the Prospects was a little frustrated over being called for 2 balks back to back) but it was nothing compared to the ejection from the A's and O's game yesterday in the bigs

First Blog Aaaaand Camp Day!

photo 1

Well, here it goes - My FIRST blog post here!

Yesterday I got the chance to get involved with camp day, my involvement involved drinking two extra large double doubles and going live from Tim Hortons with Cam Krell! The employees and volunteers also looked like they were having lots of fun while serving coffee and getting ready for the BBQ that started at 11 am.

Now if you don't know much about Camp Day, here are the facts:

-Last year they raised 11.8 million dollars to send kids to camp.

-There goal is to send 17,000 kids this year.

-Four of those kids are from Swift Current.

-The Children's Foundation was established in 1974.

Camp day is fun for everyone, even the workers and volunteers and it's all for a great cause

Aaaaand here's coffee #2, notice the crazed look in my eyes?

photo 3

Anywho, if you missed camp day and would still like to donate to help send kids to camp, click right here

Broncos Alumni Golf Classic

At 7 AM Jeremy Rondeau couldn't discuss this yet

Blog Broncos Jersey

But he did have details on the Broncos Alumni Golf Tournament

Blog Broncos Golf

Not a hundred percent sure how much the Broncos will be using those unis this season but if social media reaction is any indication it could be more than you think(hopefully)... Also if you didn't have time to check the audio get ahold of Jeremy to get into that tournament by email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by phone 306-773-8375

SC United Way 14th Golf Classic

United Way

In Studio this morning we got full details on the 14th Annual United Way Golf Classic scheduled for June 14th from Elmwood

Full details and registration form available at their website

Also don't forget to show up at Mitchell Field tomorrow night for the Indians home opener against the Weyburn Beavers... First pitch is at 7:05, show up a few minutes early though and stop in at the Eagle cruiser for information on some of the prizes you can be hooked up with just for showing up at the game... Plus it's the summer time, Cold Brews, Dogs, Sunshine, and Baseball are the perfect recipe for enjoying that summer heat... A full house would be awesome to see as one of the most succesful franchises in the league gets set for another hard fought couple of months

Gutsy Walk and GPC Chat

Gutsy Walk

This morning in studio Kendall joined us to discuss the upcoming Gutsy Walk in Cabri this Sunday

And also had Jen in to talk about what's happening at Great Plains College

At last check we are out of Indians Tickets to giveaway, but I am working on finding at least a couple more to give away heading to the Home Opener on Saturday 7:05 at Mitchell Field when the Tribe hosts the Weyburn Beavers, if you can't get your hands on any for free you should still show up to the park to celebrate the unofficial start of summer

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