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SC United Way 14th Golf Classic

United Way

In Studio this morning we got full details on the 14th Annual United Way Golf Classic scheduled for June 14th from Elmwood

Full details and registration form available at their website

Also don't forget to show up at Mitchell Field tomorrow night for the Indians home opener against the Weyburn Beavers... First pitch is at 7:05, show up a few minutes early though and stop in at the Eagle cruiser for information on some of the prizes you can be hooked up with just for showing up at the game... Plus it's the summer time, Cold Brews, Dogs, Sunshine, and Baseball are the perfect recipe for enjoying that summer heat... A full house would be awesome to see as one of the most succesful franchises in the league gets set for another hard fought couple of months

Gutsy Walk and GPC Chat

Gutsy Walk

This morning in studio Kendall joined us to discuss the upcoming Gutsy Walk in Cabri this Sunday

And also had Jen in to talk about what's happening at Great Plains College

At last check we are out of Indians Tickets to giveaway, but I am working on finding at least a couple more to give away heading to the Home Opener on Saturday 7:05 at Mitchell Field when the Tribe hosts the Weyburn Beavers, if you can't get your hands on any for free you should still show up to the park to celebrate the unofficial start of summer

SC Indians Pack The Park May 31


Another winner of free tickets this morning for Opening Day at Mitchell Field (Saturday 7:05 PM) when the Weyburn Beavers are in town

If your planning to head to the park on Saturday be on the lookout for The Eagle Cruiser as we will have a chance for you to win some cool prizes... Pack the Park May 31 for that home opener and help the Indians get off to another good start this season

SPCA Give Me Shelter Radiothon A Success

Blog May 26 Hair

Blog May 26 Hair 2

Ron and Chris came in from the SPCA board this morning to talk about the Give Me Shelter Radiothon from Friday... And also to help me make good on the challenge I gave for people to donate $1000 (Two people throwing a large chunk of money down for this cause)

Also a huge shoutout to Ryan Switzer, Founder of Snowstreaker for putting together a video of the event... After seeing this if anyone can make you look good (or at least respectable) via social media and video it's Snowstreaker (check out the company on Facebook under Snowstreaker Media Swift Current and also on Twitter)

Reason 2 Race

Blog Davidson

Terry Davidson joined us on the phone this morning to talk about the reason behind tomorrow's Speedy Creek Races

The stands are now licenced, concessions, 50/50, fundraising for cancer research, and of course the races themselves make the Speedy Creek Raceway the place to be tomorrow night beginning at 7 PM

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