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Canada Men's Hockey Roster

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Just a reminder of the team I put together for the Olympics a few months ago

Line 1 Kunitz Crosby Giroux

Line 2 Lucic Stamkos Neal

Line 3 Getzlaf Bergeron Perry

Line 4 Ladd Toews Sharp

Honourable Mention Line - Marchand Tavares Nash

D1 - Pieterangelo Keith

D2 - Seabrook Doughty

D3 - Suban Weber

Honourable Mention D - Stall Phaneuf

G1 - Luongo

G2 - Price

Honourable G - Holtby


Looking back on it I'd say Holtby is no longer the third goalie... Personally I'd take Fleury but looks like it will be Mike Smith.  Also on Defence neither of my honourable mentions look like they will crack the roster.  Up front I haven't heard Lucic's name in any discussions although I'd still take him as a purely physical presence... The Sharp and Ladd picks at the time were a bit of a stretch but I'd still have both those guys on this team and Tavares could easily take Stamkos's role if Stamkos can't play due to injury.

The official announcment of the team is at 10 this morning so I guess we shall see how out to lunch I am with my picks

Eagle or Magic?

I really don't know how to describe what happened this morning on the show... So I'll just let the evidence do the talking

All I can say is as bad as my singing was, it wasn't the weirdest thing in the world this morning

Yes that was the scene from Toronto City Hall making the internet rounds this morning and I think what we may have learned is that it doesn't matter if you can't sing or dance, just by trying you create instant comedy.  Also this video should be a cautionary tale that maybe when you know something crazy is gonna happen that day leave the video camera turned off (big shoutout to everyone in the video who remained sitting with the knowledge that thanks to Rob Ford's appearance this would become viral and wanted no part of that can of worms)... The real lesson is in the song though, when you see Rob Ford really grooving out how could you not forgive and forget the fact that he MAY have a bit of a substance abuse problem?

Broncos vs. Blazers

Blog Broncos Dec 17

The Broncos can't be looking forward to that Christmas break just yet... Not with 2 points up for grabs against a struggling Kamloops Blazers squad in town tonight.  Up to 3 PM you can still get early bird tickets from The Stable at the iPlex and it's also a 2 for 1 Tuesday night game (If you have an Innovation Credit Union membership card you get 2 tickets for the price of 1).  Chris Martens stopped by the studio on behalf of the SPCA this morning to add some incentive if you aren't sold on going to the game.

and Lance Holt was the winner of Bronco Trivia this morning

Bronco Trivia returns Dec 27... One last chance to win cash before Christmas tomorrow on the show as the Innovation Credit Union iSeat is back with $20 up for grabs... Get down to the rink, cheer on the boys, and hold onto your ticket for a chance at that cash

Broncos Trivia & Innovation Credit Union iSeat

Broncos Dec 10

This morning Chris won tickets to tonight's home game vs. the Kelowna Rockets by answering the Bronco Trivia question... Who scored his first career WHL goal on Friday in Brandon?

Don't forget to hold on to your ticket from tonight's game as you have a chance at $140 on tomorrow's show with the Innovation Credit Union iSeat... I'll call out a section and row around 7:20 and if your ticket matches that section and row you have 9 minutes 41 seconds to call me and claim that cash.

Speaking of tickets the Broncos are trying to get you the best deal possible on that ticket.  If your an Innovation Credit Union member (and have a card to prove it) you can get 2 tickets for the price of 1 on Tuesday games (much like tonight's game)... Also check into 10% off at the Stable with that member card and grab some cool gear for the Broncos fan on your Christmas list

Another Nutters GC Winner

Yesterday I was at the Swift Current Mall doing some Christmas shopping (although on my budget it was more Christmas browsing)... However the trip to the mall wasn't an entire waste.  I spotted Dave Miller throwing some cash into the Salvation Army Kettle and paid back his kindness with a Nutters 50 dollar gift card

Blog Dec 6

Dave was not a fan of having his picture on a blog and so I just used my high school yearbook picture as a representation of Mr. Miller... I only have one gift card left and was planning to head out on the town today to give it away.  However in light of -50 weather I've decided to save the gift card for a warmer day.  Keep throwing cash in those Salvation Army Kettles and spreading the Christmas cheer in the meantime!

This morning's show saw Stan Johnson Beat the Box Office for ZZ Top tickets

Tickets are now on sale at or charge by phone at 306-624-2050.  You can also head out to Moose Jaw and visit the Mosaic Place box office (but really who want's to go to Moose Jaw if you don't have to?)  All jokes aside have a good, safe, responsible, warm, and completely unproductive weekend

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