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Guitar Art

Guitar Art, Very Cool!!

It's almost time for Halloween, and this year the Eagle isn't pulling any tricks....we're focused on giving you a nice treat. 

Local art is always special and Blindog Guitars takes it to a new level.  Blindog Guitars is the place where old discarded guitars who have lost their abilities to speak and influence people have been given a last chance.  Old guitars, turned into art.  It's a very neat idea.  We are giving away the guitar pictured above.

Every morning this week at 6:45 we'll play a song with a bit of a Halloween theme.  Be the first to name it, and you'll be in to win the guitar when we give it away Friday.  Good luck!!

It's a LOCK!!

ball 1The all knowing, all seeing 8 ball says.....

Alright Rider fans, tonight is the night.  The green guys are in Calgary to take on the Stamps on Friday night football.  Have the drinks chilled and the snacks ready for 7:30 kickoff.  And in case there is any doubt as to who will win, fear not.  We consulted the highest possible source and asked the question "Will the Riders beat Calgary tonight".  Rest easy Rider easy.

ball 2....we win!!

The Spookiest Time of The Year

Nothing says Halloween Quite like a Jumbo Pack of Doritos!

Halloween….. A time where all of the ghouls and goblins come out to play. It’s the creepiest time of year, as well as one of the most exhilarating. This Halloween is the Thirty Seventh Annual SPOOKERAMA brought to you by the Kiwanis Club of Swift Current. Doors open at eight o’clock on October 31st and close at ten, at the Palliser Pavilion. There will be a DJ, as well as costume prizes, and FREE pizza and pop! It will be a great time to dress up and blend with all of the creepy crawlers, and night walkers who are about on Halloween night. For more information you can call mike at (306)-774-6453.

On being Canadian

leafNow...more than ever.

Some days are sad days.  This is one of those.

This morning at the National War Memorial in Ottawa, a Canadian solider, proudly standing guard, was shot and killed by a gunman dressed in black.  The gunman was tracked down in the Parlimentary Library where he was shot and killed.  At the time of this writing, police in Ottawa continue to search downtown for other possible suspects, government buildings are on lockdown, and our nations leaders are safely sequestered away for any possible harm.  Tonights NHL game between the Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators has been postponed.

It's in times like these we take stock of what is means to be Canadian and how protected we are from much of the terrible truth in the world.  Day to day, for most of us, this sort of tragedy is something that happens in foreign lands.  We read about terrorism in the middle east, (and todays shootings have not yet been called an act of terrorism), we see footage of civil wars on the evening news, and we read about crisis in far flung countrys.  More often than not our reaction is "that won't happen here".

Today reminds us it can happen here.

Now is a good time to stand together as Canadians, of all colors, creeds and religions, and remind ourselves that together we will not be bullied or intimidated.  We will hold our resolve.  We will continue to show the world our very best.  It's also a good time to say thanks to our local first responders, emergency workers, law enforcement officers, and of course our troops.  We will continue to pray for your safety, and the safety of all Canadians.

God Bless Canada.

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

appleBehold, the humble (and tasty) Apple.

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then why not buy them in bulk? Sunday the Kiwanis Club of Swift Current is holding an apple drive in order to help support they're efforts. The club will be delivering the apples door to door at four o'clock Sunday. If you aren’t home that’s alright! You can purchase the apples at both malls here in Swift Current, starting on Monday October 27 and they will continue to be available at the malls while supplies last.

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