Students from Val Marie Head to Regina to Make a Movie


Hayley Olson, Riley Hayes and Kassandra James from Val Marie School are in Regina this week after winning the Saskatchewan Dream Video Contest, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Saskatchewan Legislative Building.

The students are working with the Saskatchewan Film Pool to learn about video production and then shoot, edit and produce videos based on the concepts they submitted about the Legislative Building.

Angie Clement, Principal of Val Marie School, said the experience is very exciting, “Having the opportunity to do something hands on like this the students will learn a lot about film making and a lot about Government and the Legislature, and that's really what we want. Being able to express their ideas and tell others what they think about the Legislative building is a great opportunity.”

Clement adds that a mentor has been working with the students, “The mentor is showing them how to put a film together and then talking about their ideas and how we might film them.”

Student Riley Hayes said the experience has been great so far, “We get to learn lots of things and see lots of cool things like cameras, tripods, microphones - lots of the stuff they use to make films.”

The videos will premiere at a public event on October 11 of this year to commemorate the opening of the Legislative Building back on October 12, 1912.

Todd Vallee Talks With Principal Of Val Marie School Angie Clement and Student Riley Hayes