Weekend in the Southwest...

Enjoy the weekend while it lasts, we have a cold snap on the horizon with a high of only -6 forcasted for Monday right now. Rake the leaves, clean out the gutters, and put the finishing touches on your spooktacular yard for next week's Halloween!

There has been loads of stuff on the go every weekend since September and now we are at the end of October... time flies when you are having fun! This weekend JDRF is hosting a Halloween party/Walk for Diabetes, it starts tomorrow (Oct 26) from 1-4pm at the Rec Center.

Bronco's are home from a defeating US road trip so they will need us to all come together and cheer them on as they take to home ice tomorrow night. GO BRONCOS GO!

I'll leave you with this, Here is a creative mom, taking advantage of her sleeping baby,... have a great weekend!


Trick or Treat

We all know that parents overlook their children's candy collection to make sure it is all safe, but don't forget the kids know you have alterior motives and you're really skimming through for your favorites to sneak while they go to bed!

Here are a couple fun facts you might not know about Halloween Candy...

1. Candy in Weight - every year nearly 600 million pounds of candy is purchased/year.

2. Candy Sales - 90 million pounds of chocolate candy is sold during Halloween week, taking a strong lead compared to other holidays. Almost 65 million pounds is sold during the week leading up to Easter and only 48 million pounds during Valentine's week.

3. On average, a child will collect between 3,500 and 7,000 candy calories on Halloween night. A one hundred pound child would have to walk for almost 44 hours or play full-court basketball for 14.5 hours to burn that off...

In other news regarding Halloween, maybe you dont have kids and would like to participate in the holiday. Come to the premiere of Swift NightMares at the Living Sky Casino, doors open at 7 on the 31st, film begins at 8 with door prizes afterwards. Tickets are just $10 and all money raised goes to the SPCA!  You can get more information by clicking the link below to their fb page.

Swift Nightmares

Hallowe'en 2013

Hallowe'en is fast approaching... are you prepared? Costumes, Decorations, and Candy are all things people will be splurging on this month...

Do we have any houses in the Southwest like this one? Click the link to watch

Some costume ideas:

If you have a bun in the oven, try angry birds!

or 50 Shades of Grey... paint samples are free if you're on a budget!

or if you are looking for a family costume... try a BLT...

Tune in tomorrow to see what you might not know about Hallowe'en Candy!


Watch carefully as this is your final chance to get your name in for the pair of tickets to see Jason Aldean in Saskatoon next week!

All week long we gave qualifiers subsidary prizes and this morning it will be a prize any country concert buff would die for!

Today's video is Johnny Cash, Please click the link to watch!

Good Luck!

2nd Last Chance...

This is your second last chance to qualify for Jason Aldean tickets! Please click the link below for the Amarillo Sky video!

Listen after 7 for your cue to call! Good Luck!

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