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Broncos & Valentine's Day

Blog Feb 12 Broncos

Poppy joined me in studio this morning to talk about Smart Flowers & a big time of year for them, including a deal they have going with the Swift Current Broncos as they get set to host the Tigers on Valentine's Day

More details on the Bronco's Valentine's Day special can be found at, 306-773-1509 or at the Stable in the iPlex

Tuesday Tan Goes Interuniversal

The Tuesday Tan was back to try to spread a little sunshine on a cold morning... Molly would win the Mystic Spray Tan from Fabutan this morning

But not without a little competition

I'm not sure the first caller may have had the correct answer, but I can't translate alien languages (let alone any human language that isn't English)

Yesterday I poked a little fun at Carey Price about his old Tri City Americans mask on the blog and as such I feel I owe it to him to show the masks he had done for the Olympics (which I also thing are really nice)

Male Can

And I will now end this blog with a tribute to soccer celebrations being an art form kinda like modern art (some people just don't get what the artist was going after)

Valentine's Day @ The Lyric

In studio this morning we had Gail and Pat breaking down something pretty special at the Lyric Theatre for Valentine's Day (I'm assuming anyways as they are ladies and ladies know way more about Valentine's Day than your local dumb rock jock)

As mentioned at the end of that audio clip the Innovation Credit Union iSeat was part of this morning's programming... No winner means $80 or possibly even $100 could be yours on your back to work Tuesday ahead (February 18)... If you head to either of the Broncos home games this upcoming weekend hold on to your ticket stub, as it could turn into that cash!

Now for something I do know a little about (and I do mean a LITTLE)... Canada's Men's Hockey team kicks off it's Sochi tourny with a game on the 13th against Norway.  Most are expecting Luongo to get the first game, Price to get the second game and then take a play the hot hand approach with goaltending for the rest of the tournament.  However some photographic evidence that may suggest we can't trust Carey Price in a big game against the Americans

Carey Price

Now this mask WAS from when Price was a teenager and I assume he claims to be a changed man... But can we really trust a guy with an Eagle and Stars and Stripes on his mask?  Just something to ponder as we countdown to the unofficial start of the Olympics (disclaimer: for those unfamiliar Price played for the Tri City Americans of the WHL and as such his mask is justified and this whole rant has been a joke)

Broncos Trivia & Mayor Chat

Our bi-weekly chat with the Mayor was pushed back to Friday this week (more on that in a second)... In the meantime the Broncos have a huge weekend ahead with 3 games in 3 nights (2 against the Wheat Kings and 1 against the Warriors)

Blog Feb 7 Broncos

And as you can see by the division standings they are going to be 3 big games... Speaking of standings Bronco Trivia this morning revolved around the CONFERENCE standings

Don't forget with that home game Sunday the Innovation Credit Union iSeat is back Monday the 10th with your chance at $60 (IF you go to that home game... so make sure to hold on to your ticket stub)

Oh and before I forget to return to the subject of our Mayor Chat the audio is provided below (especially helpful if your worried about your utilities rates being a little higher on your last bill)

Have a great weekend!

4th Ed. Cody Snyder Invitational

Blog Feb 5 PBR

Carol Beyer joined us in studio this morning to discuss details on the 4th Annual Cody Snyder PBR Invitational slated for May 26

Tickets on sale for Broncos Season Ticket holders today, and to the general public later this week

The Broncos lost a tough one 5-2 to the Raiders last night (which isn't as bad as it would have been at the start of the year with the Raiders starting to fall out of contention a bit)... 3 huge games this weekend though, two versus the Wheat Kings with the home tilt on Sunday.

Friday on the show I'll have tickets and Bronco Bucks to give away again with Bronco Trivia

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