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Super Bowl Monday

By now you know all about the game that was yesterday or you don't care enough about it to have watched it... Either way there is nothing much more to be added to the conversation.  With that in mind I leave you with what may be one of the best video bombs in a post game conference ever

Much like Bruno Mars compared to Janet Jackson at the halftime show it will always come in second though to this beauty

And to really add insult to injury for Broncos fans Tebow went ahead and did this for the Super Bowl

Alright that's all I have... Football is over, time for spring training!

2 Blogs 1 Wednesday

Yesterday the fight between blogging and napping was a first round KO in favor of napping so today as a special treat we will run down everything that's been everything over the past 48 hours

Yesterday we were joined by Bhula Gosh and Chris Harrow to discuss the importance of reading

Blog Jan 29 Book

And if your looking for something to read might I suggest this beauty coming soon to a bookstore near you! (This is just a prototype but you should be warned... Patent Pending)

Also yesterday was #BellLetsTalk day where money from every tweet with the aforementioned hashtag would earn 5 cents to Mental Health initiatives... Which the Eagle's twitter account helped out with (as well as a lot of our followers).  As much as I do love the idea of spreading awareness on Mental Health problems in modern society (where most everyone experiences depression at one point or another)... The whole time I was retweeting I was thinking what @willardjon put into a text himself

Blog Jan 29 Tweet

That tweet made me think that yes more work is needed on the subject of people struggling with invisible illness so I decided to take some time today to play Dr. Phil (just a heads up I am in no way a trained medical professional and any advice given should be taken with a grain of salt)

That above tweet was just one of many tweets, facebook posts, memes (if that's how you spell it), and inspirational pictures with words I saw on the subject yesterday via social media.  The problem is very similar to what we see with bullying.  Bullying will never go away (it's been around since the birth of man with cavemen fighting for supremecy).  Depression and Mental Illness will also never go away in a world where you can't escape other people's words (cyber bullying being an obvious case, but also stuff like seeing other people post vacation pics while your stuck in the cold and snow can lead to depression just as an example).  Much like bullying, solving the issue, IN MY OPINION (again just one man's opinion), lays more with the victims.  Teach a person being bullied to ignore verbal assault rather than to let it eat them up inside.  There were a lot of posts talking about how everyone should help everyone with a Mental Illness or Depression, and basically what I saw with these types of posts was that someone with Depression should be viewed as fragile and protected and blah blah blah... This is what might happen in an ideal world (which we don't live in to be to the point).  Anyone dealing with depression has to be the one to help themselves.  Has to learn to value their own opinion over others, has to see themselves as empowered.  It's a long road for some and in a lot of cases getting help just means having someone to sort your thoughts out with which can be a huge help. In some cases medicine is needed, but the road to recovery can only be acheived internally... Which makes facebook posts about everyone being a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen completly irrelevant.  As with bullying, you are never going to teach people not affected by  it to be compassionate... That's just not the way the world works nowadays.  All you can do is empower those who ARE affected and hope that they eventually see the light at the end of the road

Anyways that got a little bit rambly and disjointed, but it goes to show the complexity of the issue... I just don't personally believe that the solution is to hope that everyone starts caring about everyone else, when the only path to regaining mental stability is by doing it yourself itself.

This morning was a little less hectic, but we were still joined by Lyla Cooper from Great Plains College to talk about their upcoming safety breaky

Palm Trees & Pond Hockey

The Hockey Apocalypse happened this past weekend... In case you missed it some photographic evidence for you (There is something oddly unsettling about an outdoor rink in California capable of hosting top tier players when the outdoor rinks in Swift Current weren't capable of hosting a game of 3 year olds ... Just a little bare concrete showing representing the center ice dot)

Blog WC 1

Blog WC 2

Weird that while watching a hockey game which is supposed to remind us of the simplicity of life that this thought would pop into mind... They say we pay so much for gas because we are running out.  Then why don't you charge more to the rich idiots making millions of dollars off a hockey game and who can afford to have 2 helicopters fly over the game to get better camera angles?  Also if the state of California is out of water (and the world as a whole is running out of water) why are we using even more water than normal to keep this rink alive in summer temperatures?  Much like the 72 Summit Series winning goal, you will always remember what you were doing when the first completely pointless and extravagant outdoor hockey game was played.

Brad took in some Canadian hockey over the weekend and as a result ended up $100 richer thanks to the Innovation Credit Union iSeat

Later this week we will have Bronco Trivia with free tickets to the two home games this weekend and the Innovation Credit Union iSeat will return to kick off the workweek portion of February

In the meantime a friend of the show reminds you that Spring is indeed on the way (after some more -30 weather)

Broncos Back on Home Ice

Broncos host the PA Raiders tonight at the iPlex and Todd is going free of charge courtesy of The Eagle and Bronco Trivia

Get your early bird tickets before 3 this afternoon at the stable and fill up the barn for what should be a great game (keeping in mind the last time these two teams met it was a 7-0 Broncos W).  After the game hold on to that ticket stub as well as it could turn into cash on Monday morning with the Innovation Credit Union iSeat.

And now my attempt to send you into the weekend with a smile... Usually I flip channels when a commercial comes on, unless it's this commercial which is maybe the funniest thing I have ever seen

Broncos vs. Wheat Kings

Blog Jan 22 Broncos

Bronco Trivia got pushed back slightly this morning as we gathered information on the 2nd annual Carhartts & Caviar fundraiser for the Great Plains College Welding Department

Eventually did get a winner of 4 tickets and 20 Bronco Bucks for tonight's game

And with a homegame tonight listen in for your chance to win $80 tommorow on the show with the Innovation Credit Union iSeat... If your ticket stub from this evening's game matches the section and row I call out tomorrow you could win.  Listen in at 7:15 for your chance at an $80 bill

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