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Christmas Cheer from The Eagle

Blog Dec 3 2

In light of it starting to look more like Christmas in Swift, We at The Eagle are trying to spread some Christmas cheer with Nutters gift cards

Yesterday gave a card to Lauretta Ens who works at the Salvation Army

Blog Dec 3 1

Had a tough time finding someone donating to a kettle yesterday so I gave the card to Lauretta for the hard work she was putting in and in classic pay it forward fashion she promised to pass along the card to someone who donated to the kettle in the store.  I still have a few cards left so put some money in a kettle because if I'm around I will hook you up with some good karma (in the form of a gift card) for your generosity and in the end the Salvation Army kettles are all about making sure everyone has a great Christmas.

This morning had a caller who I deemed also could use a little Christmas pick me up with a gift card

And in the spirit of giving around the Christmas time, Sally Wiens joined me in studio to talk about the Fresh Start program helping the young and old alike in our beautiful city

ZZ Top in MJ Sask

ZZ Top Blog

The big news from the show this morning was the announcement of ZZ Top touring through Canada... and for this area of the world ZZ Top making a stop in Moose Jaw.  The show is slated for March 14, 2014 with tickets on sale at 10 AM Friday.  I'll be giving away a set of tickets before the box office (hence the term Beat the Box Office) on the Eagle 94.1... and just a little something I picked up from my time working here, the song La Grange has no french undertones

Bronco Trivia Returns Tomorrow

Gave away 4 Bronco tickets and 20 Bronco Bucks again this morning with a fairly simple question as far as Bronco Trivia is concerned

Bronco Trivia is back tomorrow same time same place with a chance to win the 4 tickets and 20 Bronco Bucks for Saturday night's home game against the Red Deer Rebels... And with 2 home games you have 2 chances to win heading back to work Monday with the Innovation Credit Union iSeat... Don't throw out those ticket stubs from the weekend games or you could be throwing out a $100 bill

Finally a Happy Thanksgiving to any Murican listeners.  Yesterday was the official 20 year anniversary of this game, but I still love it... More snow on the field for a Dallas Cowboys/Miami Dolphins clash than there was at the Grey Cup this year

Thankfully the Cowboys won the Super Bowl this year or Leon Lett might have gotten the Mcallum treatment... If you think we take football seriously here in Sasky try in Texas.  Also you can't really blame a guy for this play in the snow if he had never experienced snow before (word to the wise it can be a little slippery)

Nutter's Tray for Donations

Blog Nov 27 Kettle

Next week I'm gonna be lurking around random Salvation Army kettles throughout the city (well maybe not lurking) looking for people donating out of the good of their own heart and paying it forward with gift tray's from Nutters!  The higher the donation the better chance you will have at winning that Nutters gift tray (or if you say kind words about me)

This morning had Rachel Wormsbecher in studio talking about Coffee Row at the Museum... She also had some pretty cool gift ideas for Christmas (maybe for someone you want to send a little reminder of Swift Current to)

Grey Cup 101 and Public Relations 101

Blog Nov 26 Ticket

First off I gotta make a couple shout outs again for making that ticket available... Colin Powers for covering the morning show yesterday, Swayde Neidermayer for inviting me out, and of course to God for putting me on the greatest province in the greatest country in the world!

Now on to the business at hand from this morning we had Mayor Schafer in studio to deny all allegations of recreational drug use (and a little bit about the state of affairs in the city)

We also got Karen Biese on the phone to rundown what's happening with the local curling scene

Now let the continued Grey Cup victory celebrations continue!

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