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Easter Monday

A busy Thursday meant no chance to blog, but still want to pass along our interview from that morning with Bill Lee now that we are back into the work grind

Bill was in studio with Graham Parsons to tee up this year's charity golf tournament (for the SPCA)... Still lots of time to get registered for that tourny and from what I have heard it is always alot of fun (even if you can't golf)

This morning we had Ken Johnston back in studio talking about the 180 Theatre Festival taking place this week in Swift Current

And from the hockey filled Easter weekend that was, a not so hockey related story, during a hockey game, the son of a hockey announcer, not playing hockey, but on TV like his dad, and absolutely killing it... Not a part of America's got Talent, but Britian's got Talent, and to top it all off? Simon Cowell NOT looking like he hates everything about what he just saw.  If all that confused you not to worry just watch the video and it'll kind of make sense (and also get a subscription to the BBC if  you miss Simon Cowell)

(spoiler alert: not the actual HNIC clip, but it will do)

(also I guess that doesn't help with the confusion of the description, but I'm writing it off as being Monday)

NHL Playoffs = Snow??

Blog Apr 16 snow

Alot of people getting tired of waking up to this sight for their morning commute

But with the NHL Playoffs beginning tonight you know that the weather is going to warm up (eventually it has to right?).

A little playoff preview on this morning's show (through my eyes anyways) and I have Pittsburgh and Chicago in the Final with a Penguins win... Back to back drafts show that I'm not making this up, it's actually the way I feel

Blog Apr 16 pool 2

Blog Apr 16 pool

Also in studio this morning was an alternative for those who get no excitement out of the NHL Playoffs.  Teresa Cole joined the show as Publicity Chair for the 180 Theatre Festival set to take place April 21-26

Tuesday Mayor Chat


pictured in replacement of Cam Krell is Candace Woodside (who is clearly more photogenic)... Joined in studio this morning by Mayor Jerrod Schafer, who brought along some Ashley Park students who are a part of the K-Kids Club and our (EDIT- are) in the midst of doing some fundraising (full details and chat in the audio clip below)

Tomorrow morning I will be going through your opening round playoff matchups in the WHL(EDIT-NHL), and Thursday morning tickets are up for grabs to this weekend's Blenders event.

EDIT - figured I'd show the edits this morning just so anyone else who is having some brain cramps on a Tuesday can relate!

Sundogs Fundraiser


In studio this morning we had Morgan, Travis, and Mark with details on a fundraising auction planned for the Great Plains College Sundogs

And we have finalized some Avenged Sevenfold tickets... Not one hundred percent sure how many tickets we have just yet, but if your interested in heading out to Moose Jaw for that concert on April 16th (next Wednesday) than be tuned into The Eagle on your back to work Monday morning (the 14th) for your chance to go free of charge

April 8, 2014

An inspired headline for this Tuesday around The Eagle

The overtime blog from last night is below

While more details from the Ag & Ex about Discover the Farm event out at the Stockade to wrap up the week.

Open to the public, Saturday from 10-4 and a chance to get your Platinum Pass for Frontier Days (everything you could want off the midway).  Nice to see an event like this as well so school kids get a feel for what the Southwest is built off of.

Blog Golf

Now it's time to head out and take advantage of some springtime sunshine

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