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Wellness Challenge!

Local In Motion Coordinator Val Choo-Foo joined the Magic morning show to talk about The City of Swift Current Wellness Challenge. 

It is a challenge to people in the community to make healthy choices, earn points and win stuff...

Here is a video of a success story from last year's wellness challenge.  Dwayne Lavoie of Swift Current lost more than 100 pounds!


Santa Enters Swift Current Airspace TONIGHT!


The Magic Morning Show spoke to Todd Schultz.

Todd is the GM of the Swift Current Airport (YYN).  He talked about what goes into planning December 24th and a safe flight into Swift Current for Santa.  It's a busy day! 

Merry Christmas! 

Trade for a Tray


Look at it.  Magnificent isn't it?

Magic 97 has partnered up with Nutters.  Magic is asking you, 'What Would you Trade for a Tray?'

Quite the question.  What would you trade for a tray?  Magic 97 isn't looking for a limb, a first born, copious amounts of your money or your soul..we are simply asking for a donation to the Salvation Army. 

That's it.

A succulent, flavour laden gift tray.  A plate of sheer uphoria.  Had the gift tray existed since the dawn of time, they would have been dined on by the likes of Caesar and Cleopatra.  Genghis Khan would have deployed armies in search of them.  Napoloen would have been in endless pursuit of this smorgasboard of holiday snack riches.  'Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you would do for a gift tray' JFK would have quipped.

Alexander the Great would have forgone his attempt to conquer the world and instead gathered trays.  And when Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept, for there were no more Nutters Trays to conquer.

Make Magic a deal, and earn a gift tray.

Just do this...


The Swifty's!

The 2nd Annual Swifty award winners have been confirmed!  The votes have been tabulated.  We went to surprise some of the winners!


Bronco Fundraiser Update

Carol from the Swift Current Bronco office joined the Magic Morning Show.

We got the updates on this spring's PBR event as well as the 411 on a Tractor Pull Event this July!

Plus, there are a few funraiser raffles you can win!


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