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Let's Make a Deal



Congrats to Kelly and Lisa who traded all these bags of clothes and other items to the Salvation Army for a Nutter's Holiday Tray.  More trading and Trays tomorrow!

Trade for a Tray!


Feast your eyes on the Nutter's Gift Tray.

Mmmmm. I know you want to get some of that.  Oh Baby!

Next week (Dec. 17-21) Magic 97 is asking 'What Would You Trade for a Tray'?   Magic has a Tray to TRADE every day. 

Simply call Magic 97 and propose a Trade for a Tray.  Something for the Salvation Army.  Some food, a monetary donation maybe some jackets, toques or mitts.

What would you Trade for a Tray.  Next week during the Magic Morning Show!

Scrumptious Seasonal Stuff from our Soup Kitchen

The month of December is synonomous with giving.

Arlene from the Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen joined the Magic Morning Show to talk about how they help out Swift Current's less fortunate. 

Many people of volunteering to keep the Soup Kitchen running and helping out those in need. 

Swifty for Best Coach!


This past Friday, Swift Current Online posted the winners of the first ever Swifty awards.  Hundreds of people voted, and the results are just a click away.  Hit the link on the right side of this page.

The Swifty for Best coach was Dale Perry (pictured far left).  Dale has been coaching and refereeing minor soccer for decades.  Perry Field in Swift Current's Highland area is named for him.

A Swifty is the latest honor for the current coach of the High School Ardens team.

Dale says longevity helped him win...

The Swiftys!


On Friday, the Swift Current Online Swifty Awards were unveiled.  After three weeks of voting Swift Current's favourites in 20 different categories were named.

All the winners are posted on the Swiftys page here at Swift Current Online. 

The 'Best Local Celebrity' category was won by Tracy Moen!  While Tracy has never won a Stanley Cup and isn't the Premier like some other local celebs, he got the most votes. 

A Facebook campaign helped make Tracy the local fave. 

The Magic Morning Show spoke to a humbled Tracy.


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