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Chautauqua hits Swift Current Today!

This weekend Summer Chautauqua hits the Lyric Theatre!

Performers from around North America perform one act plays.  There will be handful of local performances too. 

Rachel from the Lyric tells us all about it! don't have to be able to spell it to enjoy it!

This Day in History!

July 3rd, 2010...a day that will live on in Swift Current history books!

One of the great unsolved mysteries of Southwest Saskatchewan happened two years ago TODAY!

Have a listen...

Will we ever really know?

Live Parade Coverage!

Join Magic 97 tis Saturday (the 30th) for Live Parade Coverage beginning around 10 o'clock.  Take your radio to the parade and enjoy our commentary.

Ryan Switzer will be live from the roof of the radio station!

Also, be listening Friday morning (the 29th) to win passes to the fair!

A Long Loooong day of Golf

Dean Toles is the Assistant Pro at The Elmwood Golf and Country Club. 

He is also an Uncle...and his niece has Juvenile Diabetes.  Dean, and Richard Urano are collecting pledges for the longest day of Golf tomorrow (Wednesday)

Here is the info:

Redneck Betties ROBBED!

Sad news coming from the Redneck Betties Camp this morning. 

They had a bag full of their equipment stolen from one of their vehicles.

Trixie Vixen from the Betties gave us the details...

If you have any information please contact the Betties or Magic 97.  Lets get the girls their gear back!

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