Summer Events

Kite Festival, Games, and Races

Over the weekend, there were events of all kinds going on including: The Saskatchewan 55+ Summer Games, Windscape Kite Festival, and The Soap Box Races!

The 55+ Games started on Saturday where they began the practice year tournaments, down in Shaunavon. They had games such as: scrabble, card games, golf, and bowling. I had the chance to bowl with some of the competitors, and there sure are good at playing some of those games! To be apart of the Saskatchewan 55+ games, you must be 55 years of age, or older, and be apart of the Saskatchewan seniors association.

Windscape Kite Festival also took place, where you could enjoy the kite shows, eat some snacks, watch the childrens shows, make crafts, and even make your own kite! Another successful year for the festival, following with the Long Nights Festival, which everyone seemed to enjoy. There were kite flyers, flying kites from around the world, and you could also go to the public area to fly your very own kite as well. Every year people look forward to this event, and are looking forward to next year too!

Sunday was the 33rd Annual Father's Day Soap Box Races, and they again, were a huge success. The kids loved being able to get in a Soap Box which they could go down on Central Avenue in downtown Swift Current, and race agaisnt each other! For some of the kids it could have been their first, seventh, or thirteenth year, but all that mattered was that they all had fun, and I spoke to some of the racers, and they were all very excited. It was also nice to see people not only from Swift Current out to race, but people coming out all the way from Moose Jaw. If you would like to join these soap box racers, join them in the fall where they are at City Wide.

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