Cypress Health Attends Inspire Health Quality Summit


A strong contingent from the Cypress Health Region took part in the Inspire Health Quailty Summit in Saskatoon last week.

The two-day conference featured over 700 delegates and focused on quality improvement initiatives throughout the Saskatchewan's healthcare system.

“It's really about continuous improvement," said Health Region CEO Beth Vachon. "There's always things we can improve on and do better. By attending conferences like this it really does open up a world of possibilities for where we can go in healthcare.”

Vachon adds that one thing that was unique about this conference was that it was focused on the healthcare system in Saskatchewan: “They do bring speakers in from all over the world so we do hear world class speakers who inspire us again with stories from where they come from. We learn from people who have gone before us and they learn from us, the work that we're doing and really it becomes a small community in sharing all of that information.”

One of the highlights of the conference was the presentation of the Green Ribbon Awards, where the Health Region was a recipient of three awards and one honourable mention.