SPARC Station Getting Cuts

SPARC Station

Weeks after the Federal Budget and we continue to hear more about programming cuts and job losses in the Ag Sector.

Milton Dyck is the Regional Vice President of the Agriculture Union for Southern Saskatchewan.

He said also listed among the cuts in the Ag Sector for Saskatchewan is the Research farm at Regina and the Salt Lab at Swift Currents SPARC station, “It's the only program of it's kind in Saskatchewan or Canada for that matter and I think it is a very important program as you know soil solidity affects many farm lands.”

Milton Dyck said 3 positions are being lost at SPARC that will have a direct impact on the time allocation of scientists and their work in developing new stronger more productive varieties, “These positions are very crutial to scientists ability to do the science. We're losing drafts people, we're losing librarian services so scientists will no longer be able to as quickly and easily access their research material they need.”

Generally today a large number of saline soils are managed through zero til operations and forage management.