MP David Anderson Responds To Federal Budget Cuts To SPARC Station

anderson hoc

There will be attempts made to help individuals, whose jobs are being impacted by the federal budget cuts, find other positions. That’s from Cypress Hills Grasslands MP David Anderson.

Anderson responded to the news this week that the federal budget cuts will impact the SPARC station in his riding, “Ag Canada has been given their instructions as we needed budget cuts, some restrictions on spending, they're trying to streamline and consolidate their research efforts and their research institutions so as you found out through the union we found also that there are a couple positions at SPARC that will be impacted.”

We’re hearing that 3 positions are being affected including drafts people and a librarian that are involved in doing mapping and research work for scientists.

“The department actually as I said made the decision as to what positions they believe are necessary and what will work most efficiently at the research centres. So we haven't interfered with that or had any particular input into that we trust that they can make that will still keep their research centres operating effectively,” adds Anderson