Wotherspoon Speaks at NDP Fundraiser

Regina-Rosemont MLA Trent Wotherspoon speaks at an NDP Fundraising Banquet at First United Church in Swift Current Saturday night

A prominent opposition MLA spoke to a crowd of New Democrat supporters at the annual Swift Current Constituency NDP Fundraising Banquet at First United Church Saturday night.

Finance Critic and Regina-Rosemont MLA Trent Wotherspoon told the crowd that he's hearing that what people voted for last fall is not what they're getting from the Brad Wall government.

"Decisions by the Sask Party to spend millions of dollars on politicians, for example, is something that really Saskatchewan people haven't been calling for, aren't desiring and don't want," Wotherspoon said. "It's only in the political partisan best interests of the Sask Party to spend these millions of dollars, certainly not in the best interests of Saskatchewan people."

Wotherspoon believes the money to add those politicans can be better invested in other priorities: "What I'm hearing down here is that what we should be doing, at a growing time in Saskatchewan, is taking advantage of that opportunity and investing back into the classroom, investing into communities and people's lives in a way that makes a difference, and when we talk about healthcare, and the pressures in emergency rooms and the pressures of doctor shortages," he added. "Certainly the southwest feels, not unlike many other parts of the province, these are the priorities that we should focusing our attention to and addressing in a meaningful way, instead we see a government that's making choices to spend millions of dollars on increasing the number of politicians that only serves their own best interests as a political party, and that's too bad, it's disappointing and it's sad, because what our government should be focusing is doing the good work and focusing on how do we improve people's lives in a meaningful way."

Wotherspoon adds he also heard concerns about financial management and environmental protection in meeting those in attendance at the banquet.

Colin Powers talked with Trent Wotherspoon after the banquet: