A Job Only Saskatchewan Could Make

Last Years Saskatchewanderer Andrew Konoff

This year's Saskatchewanderer has been chosen. Jeff Stock was announced as the second-ever Saskatchewanderer on Thursday, and will now spend the summer going around the province to show off everything we have to offer.

He was very excited to win the "best summer job ever," and was sure his friends back home in Maple Creek were very happy, too, “I know they were rooting for me back at home and everyone was really hoping I would be the next Saskatchewanderer and so here I am,”

He won the contest to become this year's Saskatchewanderer, a project that started a year ago with Andrew Konoff hitting the road.

Stock said he hopes to have just as much fun as the first Saskatchewanderer, “We have a lot of fun stuff this year, he'll be a hard act to follow but I think it will be equally as exciting this year. We have some stuff he never did and I'm really exited about.”

Stock adds they will have a lot of fun stuff planned for this year, and is looking forward to going up north for some canoeing, attending different festivals and maybe even going skydiving.

You can track his journey this summer at saskatchewanderer.ca.

Colin Powers Talks To Jeff Stock