Woman Urging Government to Twin Highway 7

A section of Highway 7 east of Rosetown (Photo: Google Street View)

Highway 7 is a stretch of road notorious for car accidents, and a woman whose son was killed in an accident on that highway three years ago is speaking out hoping to make it safer.

Bev Huckabay of Flaxcombe lost her son Benny in a collision on the highway near Rosetown in 2009, and since then, she has been actively raising awareness of being safe on the highways, especially when passing.

She says twinning the highway from Saskatoon to the Alberta border is necessary with all the heavy traffic using it.

"The amount of semi traffic that we have on this highway is a lot compared to other highways we've been on," Huckabay says. "With the oilfield activity we have in this area it definitely should become a priority. And with farmers hauling more grain, it's definitely going to have to take priority over some of the other projects they have planned."

Huckabay notes some startling stats regarding Highway 7, like the fact that in the last five years, almost seven accidents per kilometre have been recorded along the highway's length.

She hopes a grassroots outcry will get a highway twinning project pushed by the provincial government, and urges everyone to contact their local government representatives to make the twinning happen