Haitian Students Going to School in Gravelbourg

college matheiu
Collège Mathieu in Gravelbourg (Photo: Town of Gravelbourg) 

An education with an eye to making their country a better place.

The Conseil des écoles fransaskoises is working to bring five Haitian earthquake survivors to attend high school at Collège Mathieu in Gravelbourg.

"Yes, there will be some math. Yes, there will be some French grammar, but we are also going to put into the curriculum leadership, accounting, how to start businesses, how to teach people to get the most out of students," said Roland Lafrance, the chairman of Western Canada Relief for Haiti. "They will be come educated in life to help people in their village."

Frankie LeClare, the CEF's Superindentent of Education Responsible for Student Services, recently went to Haiti to choose the students based on linguistic capacity, maturity, developmental process, and the ability to study in a foreign country and achieve their potential, and adds the students would work towards their high school diplomas over two years.

LeClare adds the program will benefit their students as well, giving an opportunity for two groups of students to learn about each other and their countries, and develop leadership capacities together.

It will cost over $25,000 a year to bring each student here and the two organizations are now starting a fundraising campaign. They hope to have the money raised by either September or January.

Shawn Mullin talked with Roland Lafrance of Western Canada Relief for Haiti:

Shawn also talked with Frankie LeClare with the Conseil des écoles fransaskoises: