NDP Preparing for Leadership Convention

Former NDP MLA Deb Higgins

It's been exactly six months since the NDP were defeated in the provincial election, and Dwain Lingenfelter stepped down as leader, and now the search for his replacement is officially underway.
The party has announced they will choose a new leader during their spring convention on March 9th 2013.

"I'm sure that over the summer we will start to see some interest start to come forward from people in the party," said former NDP MLA Deb Higgins, who is now chairing the Leadership Contest Committee. "I truly hope there is activity over the summer and feeling out the membership to see what their chances of seeking the leadership are."

Anyone with a valid NDP membership will be able to vote for the new leader at the convention in March. The campaign officially opens on September 4th but Higgins says there could be some announcements made during the summer by candidates.

In 2009, Higgins ran for leader against Lingenfelter after Lorne Calvert stepped down but will not run this time since she is in charge of the search for a new leader.