New Urban Etiquette Project

ettiquette card
One of the cards designed by Christopher Rouleau for the Toronto Etiquette Project (Photo: Toronto Etiquette Project

A wildly popular project started by a former southwest Saskatchewan resident is undergoing a few changes.

Christopher Rouleau started the Toronto Etiquette Project last December, which was a set of cards politely reminding Toronto residents not to do rude things like play loud music on the bus or swear around kids.

Thanks to popular demand from other cities, he's relaunched it as the Urban Etiquette Project.

"The main changes were that I had to ammend it so it wasn't Toronto specific, so I took out the Toronto and replaced it with just Urban," says Rouleau. "This focuses on cities more generally, so now we have the Urban Etiquette Project."

The new, improved project also includes French cards and a set of cards that helps people recognize good behaviour in public.

Rouleau, who grew up in the Swift Current area, says he has gotten a great response from back home.

"Everyone the I've talked to, friends and family from Saskatchewan, are really happy," explains Rouleau. "They seem happy that I'm spreading goodness in a big way around the cities."

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Coincidentally, this week is National Etiquette Week.

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