Swift Current Child Celebrates Birthday By Helping Those In Need


Ashton Robertson of Swift Current celebrated his 8th birthday in a different way than most children.

Instead of presents, he asked everyone who attended his party to bring something else, “I told everyone to get me money and I donated it because I felt it was the right thing to do.”

His mom, Dawn, explained, “Well we were watching Telemiracle and he was pretty interested in it and why the people were giving all their money to theses people. So I explained what the Kinsmen did and that they gave money to people who really needed it, he thought that was a really good idea.”

“Friends of ours had kind of done it with their child and they had given it to Kidsport.” added Dawn, as she explained how they came up with the idea, “Because Ashton was so intrigued by Kinsmen I said well you can invite as many kids as you want and we'll ask for donations and you can give it to Telemiracle or Kinsmen.”

Ashton said that he felt like it was the right thing to do, “Because I don't need a lot of presents.”

Ashton presented Swift Current Kinsmen President Brent Stechychyn a cheque for $200 to go towards Telemiracle 2013.

Shawn Mullin talks with Ashton Robertson and his mom Dawn