Speech and Hearing Awareness Month

caryn woodsPrevention and awareness are the goals of speech and hearing awareness month in Saskatchewan.

Clinical Audiologist at the Hearing Place in Swift Current Caryn Wood has some practical advice.

"We have sound level meters that measure what is excessively noisy," Wood said. "Even doing things in your day to day life... when you are mowing the lawn... working in the shop or hunting we can certainly do things to protect (such as) wearing plugs or muffs."

Almost one in five people in Canada suffer from some form of hearing loss.

"We are seeing an increase," Woods noted. "We certainly are trying to prevent and educate people, particularly if they are working a lot of noise and equipment, we are promoting hearing protection again to try and keep those nerve fibers healthy so that we can hear communication and enjoy those sounds around us."
Woods added it's an issue that can impact people of any age. Some signs to watch out for include ringing in your ears, noticing that your TV volume level is louder than it used to be and having trouble following conversations.

Interview with Caryn Woods:

Here is the press release from the province:

Social Services Minister June Draude has proclaimed May 2012 as Speech and Hearing Awareness Month in Saskatchewan.

"Hearing loss is one of the fastest growing disabilities," Draude said. "With almost one in five Canadians experiencing some form of hearing loss, awareness and testing is vital in order for people to get the assistance they need. I want to thank Saskatchewan Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services for the valuable services they provide and their continued work to raise awareness of issues affecting people with speech and hearing disabilities."

"The Saskatchewan Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services is pleased that the Government of Saskatchewan has proclaimed May as Speech and Hearing Awareness Month as it helps focus public attention on the issues that derive from hearing loss," Saskatchewan Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Executive Director Roger Carver said.

Saskatchewan Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (SDHHS) has been providing services since 1981. For more information about hearing loss and related services, please contact the SDHHS toll-free at 1-800-667-6575, or visit their website at http://www.sdhhs.com.