Replacement Heifers


Having a strong productive cow herd means profits for producers.

For many, that will mean culling some animals and adding replacement heifers into the herd.

Regional Livestock Specialist Colby Elford says proper management and nutrition is important in getting those heifers ready for breeding.

"They are growing and we want to freeze them at about 65 percent of their body weight," says Elford. "So, we need to look at our cow herd and estimate what these heifers are going to be as far as weight when they are mature and then work backwards from that."

Elford adds that producers will want to make sure their mineral program includes macro minerals, such as calcium and phosphorous, as well as trace minerals like copper.

"Mineral nutrition is very important," explains Elford. "Minerals can have a very large impact on fertility for these animals. So it's important to have mineral available. There are many different forms that it's provided in. We need to focus on both macro and trace minerals to ensure that these animals are not only going to be sound but are going to be fertile."