Central Makes Final Push

central braun
Swift Current Online's Todd Vallee interviews Central School Principal Bryan Braun

Down the stretch they come.

After over a month of campaigning for a $20,000 outdoor classroom, Central School has one more day to push for online votes in the Majesta Trees of Knowledge competition.


At a live Magic 97 broadcast Thursday morning, Principal Bryan Braun acknowledged there is work to do.

"We've been sitting in 2nd place for the day," Braun said. "So there is some concern. We're doing whatever we can to try to get that #1 spot and we certainly appreciate Magic being here this morning and just trying to get that last push."

Braun will be proud of his school no matter where they finish.

"We've talked about our position," Braun added. "We said you know what, it doesn't matter what happens. We've done what we can. The support of the community has been superb. Whatever happens... happens."

After jumping from 1rst to 2nd throughout the voting, Sussex Elementary School from New Brunswick had held on to the top spot over the last 24 hours.

Central did briefly jump back into 1st place mid-afternoon Thursday indicating that the vote is still very close.

To help Central pull off a victory click here to go and vote.

They are holding a scavenger hunt from 7pm to 9pm Friday before polls close at 9:59pm.

Todd Vallee interviews Principal Bryan Braun:

Ryan Switzer talks to Central School kids: