Mosquitos On The Way

With the scattered showers we received for the better part of last week and the warmer temperatures that lay ahead, it wouldn't be surprising to see the odd mosquito outside.

The province's first case of West Nile last year was found in the Estevan area in early August, with more of the virus emerging throughout Southern Saskatchewan as the year progressed.

Although cases are still rare, Medical Health Officer Dr. Mandiangu Nsungu says you should still stay covered up when heading outside.

"It is once again advised to wear long sleeves, long pants, and to apply an insect repellent containing deet."

"Let's enjoy the nice weather, but let's also take precautions because some of those diseases are very rare, but the possibility of acquiring them is there and that is why we need to take those precautions."

Mid-July through August is typically the highest risk period for West Nile.