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Welcome to the Swift Current SPCA Adopt a Pet Webpage!

Each week we will feature a few of our pets available for adoption!
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SPCA hours are:

Monday - Closed

Tuesday to Saturday - 12:30-5:30pm

Sunday - 12:30-3:30pm

Closed on all Statutory Holidays


Lost a Pet? Found a Pet?

If so, contact the SPCA as soon as possible, we may be able to match the pet to the owner!

Items Needed:

Bath towels, Unscented dryer sheets, Bleach, Paper towel, Liquid laundry detergent, Canned cat food, Canned dog food, Purina kitten chow (Pink bag), Purina puppy chow (Blue bag), Dog treats and Cat treats, Q-tips, 8-1/2 by 11 Paper and Heavy duty garbage bags.


Wish List:

Foster homes, canned donations, Canadian Tire Money, volunteer carpenter /plumber and a certified behavior modification/dog trainer.


We operate on donated dollars from the generous people of our communities. A monetary donation is always welcome and very appreciated. A charitable donation receipt for income tax will be issued upon receipt.


Information Bulletin


We are looking for Foster Homes!

  • Being a foster parent to an animal in need of a little TLC can be a very rewarding experience. Some of the homeless animals that come into our Shelter have a hard time adjusting to life at the Shelter while they wait for their new homes. By placing them in a foster home, it allows us to give an interested adopter a better insight into the pet's likes and dislikes, good or bad habits, and its ability to get along with children and other pets. When the animal is adopted out there is a less chance it will be returned to the Shelter for some underlying problem that would go undectected at the Shelter. There are many ways someone can foster an animal. If you are interested in helping, please call the Shelter at 773-1806, or send us an email requesting an application form to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


To make a donation to the Swift Current SPCA visit them at 2101 Knight Crescent or at the SPCA Bookstore. You may choose to mail your donation to Swift Current SPCA at PO Box 1163, S9H 3X3.


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SPCASC Adoption Prices Include:

Our Adoption Fee

Vaccinations (including rabies) & de-worming

Cost of Spay or Neuter

Cats:  $90.00

Dogs:  $225.00

Please Note – There is an additional $90.00 (cats) and $100.00 (dogs) fee if the animal goes on a test drive before it is spayed or neutered.

That fee is fully refundable once the animal is altered.

Micro-chipping is available for a fee of $10.00, if done when the animal goes on test drive or is adopted.

Any other time, the fee for micro-chipping is $30.00.


Release of Impounded Animals:

All dogs impounded shall be confined for a period of 5 days and all cats impounded shall be confined for a period of 3 days (including the day the animal is brought into the Shelter), during which time the owner shall have the right to repossess the animal upon paying the Pound Keeper or City License Inspector the amounts set forth for impounding fees, boarding costs and licensing (if necessary).  If an animal is not claimed in those time frames, it becomes the property of the SPCA.


Surrendering an Animal:

There is a fee of $30.00 to surrender an animal to the SPCA.  This fee helps to cover some of the expenses for feeding and caring for the animal during it’s stay at the Shelter.

Pet 1


Dudley is a quiet and regal looking man. Always aware of his surroundings, he sees fit to observe and pass judgement as he pleases. He is vain in his opinions that no other feline has any business being in his presence, however humans are more than welcome!

Pet 2


Ironman is the third kitten in our "superhero" litter, he is much more nonchalant then his other two brothers, and will cuddle with you all day if he could! He has met and played with kids of all ages and is very forgiving. He will make the absolute perfect family addition!

Pet 3



This little boy is forever bouncing. Unique in his own way, he is totally black except for one rogue whisker. He has a very sweet nature that will leave him cuddled up in your lap and ready for a nap.....after playtime, of course! He has made quite an impression on the many children that have come to visit. He loves to meet new people and would love to meet his forever family!

Pet 4


Friday likes to think of himself as a Houdini. Being nimble and swift, he likes to antagonize the staff by escaping through open doors and leading them in a wild goose chase. Of course, he always returns, full of purrs and hugs as an apology.

Pet 5


Dims is a very unique looking fellow. Coming to us as a very skinny and matted soul, he has since proven himself to be a very large, but gentle lad. While his voice is intimidating, he does not live up to it in action. Once he has regained full body weight, he will astound you with his size.


Pet 6



Nelson is a timid young man who prefers his surroundings to be quiet and uneventful. Much of his emotion is hidden behind big eyes that never cease to stare. He is fond of his pets and purrs as if that is all there is to life. He will do best in a quiet home, with people who are patient enough to wait for the hidden gem of a soul that he is.

Pet 7


Her name is Precious, because that is what she is. Coming to the shelter nursing three beautiful puppies, she was in terrible shape. She was painfully thin, and yet always so happy. Precious loves to meet any new person. Her happy nature has her always wanting to make you happy. She will make a great dog for someone who has a lot of space and a lot of love to give.


Pet 8


ADOPT A SENIOR DOG - special rates apply!

Gypsy is a sweet lady. She appears timid most times, but it does little to shadow the joy she has when any attention is lavished on her. She is happiest outside where she has space to roam, loves kids and is good with cats. Her mature demeanor will make her a great dog to have as a companion.