Busy Weekend

Was in Moose Jaw for the SAASE Convention representing the SC Ag & Ex Committee along with other board members to receive the award for Achievements of the Year Award for Saddle up for the Ride of the Century during our Centennial year.  It all couldn't be achieved without the help of the volunteers!



Quinton Blair was in town and performed at Lucky Charlie's on Saturday evening and I had the pleasure of meeting him and hearing him play.  His new CD is out and is called Blues Man, if you get a chance I would recommend buying it. 

Quinton ONE  QuintonTWO


ROCKSOLID Refuge ~ 6th Annual Banquet & Auction Fundraiser

This morning on the show we had Dallas Block from ROCKSOLID Refuge and he was sharing with us about their upcoming 6th Annual Banquet & Auction Fundraiser on March 28th.  They will have Special Guest Speaker Saskatchewan Roughrider's John Chick #97!   There will also be several items up for auction and all proceeds going towards ROCKSOLID Refuge. 

If you would like to know more about ROCKSOLID Refuge you can follow this link:


Quinton Blair - Honky Tonk Country

Quinton Blair is on tour and will be in Swift Current playing at Luckie Charlie's at 9pm on Saturday evening.  He will be on the CMR Morning show friday and will share with our listeners what they can expect that night and who he is touring with.

You can see some of his videos here:

Here is Quinton performing some of his songs.

Press Pic


Focus on the Family is part of our Inspirational evenings on CMR and they have partenered up with Arbella Studios to release a new feature film called "The Drop Box" ~ It's a heart-wrenching documentary about the work of Pastor Lee Jong-rak in South Korea, and his heroic efforts to embrace and protect his community's most vulnerable children.  So what he did is install a "baby drop box" outside his home to provide a safe haven for babies who would otherwise be abondoned on the streets.

You will have a chance to win passes to the film that will be coming to the Cinema Twin Theatre on March 04th & 05th, make sure to listen for your cue to call in on the morning show starting Monday.

Here is the link for Focus on the Family as well as the trailer for the film The Drop Box :

Wednesday is #PinkShirtDay

Tomorrow is Pink Shirt Day ~ show your support to stand up against bullying, by wearing Pink on Wednesday. We are encouraging you to wear something pink to symbolize that we as a society will not tolerate bullying anywhere.

We know that the Internet can be a pretty negative place, and it’s this negativity that often lowers self-esteem and creates bullies. Help bring awareness and let's turn the Internet positive and help stop bullying. Let’s

National Cupcake Day ~ supporting our local SPCA

Today is #NationalCupcakeDay and we have a wide variety of cupcakes upstairs for you to choose from while supporting the local SC SPCA. 

poster  visitor  visitortwo


Truth For Life

This month Truth for Life is celebrating their 20th Anniversary on the radio!  Truth for Life is a Bible-teaching ministry of Alistair Begg and can be heard on CMR every weekday evening at 5:30m and on Sundays at 8:30am. 
We have been giving away prize packs consisting of a copy of Made for His Pleasure (written & signed by Alistair Begg) as well as a 2CD set of The Unseen God.
Make sure to listen for your cue to call in between 6-9am on the morning show.

National Cupcake Day

We had Chris Martens from the SC SPCA Committee Board on the morning show to talk about this Monday, Feb. 23rd being National Cupcake Day.

It is worldwide and they are raising money for local SPCA's & Humane Societies.  What a great way to challenge local businesses or even at your home and raise money for our local SPCA by collecting donations for the cupcakes.

We will have 100 cupcakes upstairs donated from Schimmel's Dutch Bakery on Monday between 8am - 5pm.  So please feel free to stop by and say hello and buy a cupcake or two!


These won't be the ones but they will be just as yummy!

Let the Guesses begin

Lenora Bells from the SC Ag & Ex dropped off the eggs this morning for our Southwest Hatch Match. 
Make sure when walking by the studio, to take a peak in the window at the incubator.
You will get a chance to guess which day you think the first one will hatch and the dates to choose between are Feb. 23rd - March 07th.  So far we have had 3 guesses which are Feb. 25th & 28th & March 05th and those dates are marked off the calendar.  Listen on the morning show for your cue to call in.

You will have a chance to win a beautiful Feather Quilt valued at $280.00


Love, Me

We had a wonderful time today over at Riverview Village Estates visiting with the residence and celebrating Valentine's Day with them.  There was chocolate covered strawberries, dancing and music provided by Pat Hymers on the piano.
Make sure to listen on CMR all day tomorrow (Valentine's Day) for the special Valentine's wishes from the residence at Riverview Village Estates.

Here are some pictures from today:

One    TWO copy   three

four  five  six

eight  seven  nine


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