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Every Thursday on CMR we do Throw Back Thursdays, gives our listeners the chance to go down memory lane and request some golden oldies, one hit wonders.  We have had several calls from the listeners that this is one of the days that they thoroughly enjoy and so do I.  If you have any requests give us a call between 6am - 9am at 306-778-3247 or through our Facebook & Twitter page.

Here are some pictures that bring us down that memory lane:


Appointment has been made to Donate

I use to donate blood every year and somehow along the way I was side tracked with being busy with family, work and social life.  Then the other day I heard our News Department talking about another Blood Drive that is scheduled in February and before I forget or started to get too busy again I had better make that call.

My appointment is set for February 10th at 12:40pm.

It is easy to make the appointment and there are two ways, you can either book your appointment right online at or call them at 1-888-2-DONATE (236-6283).

bookonline    blooddonorwebsite

Your Donation can touch so many lives and you never know when you may need it yourself or someone you know.  It is in us to give, they only need about an hour of your time which can change someone's life!


How well do you know Toby Keith ~ Beat the Box Office Tickets

is coming to Mosaic Place in Moose Jaw, June 30th and tickets go onsale to the public this Friday at 10am but we have a pair of Beat the Box Office tickets to give away.

toby keith 14

Are you the "True Fan", the one that sings every word to his songs, knows how many albums he has sold or what he did before he became a Country Singer?  Friday morning we will be playing "Toby Keith Trivia" and one lucky caller will get a chance to win.

As Toby would say "How do you like me now," we (Kathy, Kyla & Landon) are asking you "How do you know him now?"  Brush up on your Toby Keith knowledge between now and Friday morning, and be ready to be tested!  

Address to a Haggis, Bag Pipes & Highland Dancers

Went to Robbie Burns night at the Royal Canadian Legion on Saturday night and was an evening filled with Bag pipes, Highland Dancers and Kilts.  Tried Haggis for the first time ever over the weekend and really enjoyed it, it wasn't the traditional Haggis but just as yummy.  Before they served the Haggis that evening they read the poem by Robert Burns called "Address to a Haggis."

They did a demonstration of the Traditional Kilt that was worn back in the day and to picture it, if you have seen the movie Braveheart it is the kilt that Mel Gibson wore.  After the demonstration they showed us how long it was and held up for everyone to see, it was over 10ft long!

Ian Young who is part of the Green Braes Pipes & Drums

The Green Braes Pipes & Drums performing

February is Heart Month

I have the pleasure of being one of the Captains for a group of canvassers that will going around door to door starting in February asking for your donations to help support Heart Month.  The Heart Month campaign began back in 1958 and has thrived, grown and continues to raise money and awareness for Heart Disease and Stroke.  The Heart & Stroke Foundation is dedicated to creating more survivors and bringing them home.  Did you know that 9 in 10 Canadians have at least one risk factor for heart disease and stroke.  Alot of our canvassers have been affected either themselves or someone they know with a Heart condition or had a stroke.   

Let's bring them all home.

At our Heart Rally on Saturday we had a chance to meet McKenzie Demars, she is 16 years old and shared her story with us which started when she was born with a congenital heart defect and after the Doctor's patched her heart up she was able to live a normal life and play sports and be active, she now needs a valve replacement and is just waiting for the Doctor to say when that is at her next monthly appointments.
She is an amazing girl and was glad I had a chance to meet her and hear her story.  Here is a picture of McKenzie Demars sharing her story with us & Jill McLeod who is the Heart Month Campaign Coordinator for Swift Current.

So please when the canvassers come to your door, make a donation no matter what the amount because every little bit helps.  This year the goal is $11,000.00 lets see if we can exceed that amount.  You can also donate online, here is the link :

HeartRallyCanvasserKit  We also get to wear these great toques and you can own one too with a minimum donation of $5. If you would like a toque you can call Jill at 306-773-3314, they are available till end of February or until they sell out.  Don't wait too long, get yours now.

Fact Hats

facthats copy

Have you ever heard of "Fact Hats", if you would like to find out more details listen starting tomorrow between 8 :30am - 9:00am.  It has to do with the History of Swift Current & the Southwest.



The Jokes Keep Coming

Do you have a funny, make your sides hurt from laughing joke that you want to share with us?  If you do, call in the morning between 6-9am 306-778-3247 and share it with us and your name will be entered into the draw for tickets to SC Bronco's Comedy Night this Saturday.
We have a pair of tickets to give away and will be doing the draw Friday morning before 9am.  Good Luck !

Here are some jokes:

What do you call a bear without any teeth? 
A gummy bear!

What did the Buffalo say to his son when he left for college?

I gave my dead batteries away.
Free of charge :)

Hurry Haaarrrd! Scotties Tournament of Hearts

Scotties Tournament of Hearts is coming to Mosaic Place in Moose Jaw February 14 - 22nd and we have pairs of tickets to give away starting this Thursday.  We are playing "History of the Scotties" and will have trivia questions with multiple choice answers.  You can find the answers either on the "Live it Live" link on swiftcurrentonline. com or you may have to check out Wikipedia.  Listen for your cue to call in and be ready to play! 


Magical Sunday with Darcy Oake the Illusionist

Darcy Oake the Illusionist was in Swift Current this weekend performing at The Living Sky Casino to what seemed to be a sold out crowd.
 DarcyOakeLOGO  posterDarcyOake

His illusions were amazing and left everyone wondering how he did them, there was one where he had a wallet and placed it at the front of the stage on the floor and had one of the people from the audience watch to make sure no one tampered with it.  Later after doing a couple of illusions, he took a rubber ball and threw it into the crowd and the person who caught it had to tell Darcy their name and their favorite number.  The ball was then tossed around the crowd 6 more times until Darcy had 8 numbers written on a pad.  Then....are you ready ~ this was amazing, he picked up the wallet and asked the last person from the audience that had the ball to come up on stage and he then took out of the wallet a credit card (belonged to Darcy) and had the volunteer read out the numbers on the credit card and they were in exact order of the numbers that were written on the pad!! WOW!

Another illusion he did involved 10 people from the audience to come up to the stage and he threw the ball around again to get the people at random and what happens, the balls lands in my lap and I am the 10th person to go up on stage.  Once we were on the stage, Darcy wanted us to all inspect a box and to make sure there were no traps or loose sides etc. before he did his next performance.  Everything looked good and no trap doors in the floor ~ I looked!  Then Darcy climbed into the box and there was a lock on the four top corners and I had the key!   Then his assistant she stood on the box and pulled up a curtain that goes around the box and brought it over her head and shook it a couple of times and then Voila there was Darcy but not his assistant.  He then looked over at me for the key and I walked over and gave it to him and he unlocked the box and out popped his assistant!  Amazing!
Here we are inspecting the box looking for any hidden espace routes .
Thank you Candace Woodside for the pic.

It was a great night filled with laughs and some pretty amazing illusions!  I even had a chance to get a selfie with Darcy.

Beat the Box Office Winners & Wellness Challenge

We made a Big Concert Announcement at the beginning of this week with Eric Church coming to Sasktel Centre in Saskatoon on April 10th.  Tickets went on sale this morning at 10am BUT we gave away two pairs this morning to Joyce Blum & Garet Harding and they #BeattheBoxOffice CONGRATULATIONS! 
eric church copy


City of Swift Current's Wellness Challenge starts on Monday, do you have your team registered yet?  What a great way to get fit, eat healthy and just feel better when it's all said and done.  Did you know that they say it takes 21 days for your system to get into a routine...don't wait another day let's get started! 

2015Wellness Challenge

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