Pre-August Long!

Hey, guys! It's finally here... August long. It's time to kick back, relax and actually enjoy summer before heading back to the office on Tuesday. Whatever your weekend plans are, I hope you have a wonderful time and make some memories! This is what's up in the southwest this August long weekend:


Tonight, I'm heading out to Shaunavon for the Frenchman River Gospel Jamboree! I'm so excited, and there's some awesome headliners this weekend, too. Check out for more information regarding show times and tickets!


Saturday I'll be spending the day out at Eastend for their centennial. I'm pretty stoked to see what Eastend has in store! From what I hear, it's going to be lots of fun with chuck wagon races, a street fair, and fireworks!


On Sunday, the dog park is hosting a grand opening, weather permitting. It's set to go from 2 to 5pm east of Hillcrest cemetary on Highway #4 south. There will be raffle draws, tours, and refreshments for dogs and their humans, as well as a reveal of the proposed dog park design.

This is just my plan for the weekend based on what I have time to get to, but there's a ton of events going on this weekend! The Herbert Stampede, the Reno Rodeo in Consul, the Ponteix Centennial, and Fort Walsh's Trades Day!

All information on events in the southwest can be found by clicking on the Events Calendar under the Features tab.

Have a fun and safe weekend! I hope to see you guys out there enjoying yourselves. :)

#TBT mixed with a little long weekend action

In the past few months, #TBT has become a staple to our listeners, and we get quite an eclectic taste of requests! Everything and anything goes as long as you fulfill these requirements:

- Can't be anything newer than 2000
- Has to be a country song... obviously
- Should be upbeat as we don't want to put the rest of the audience to sleep! zzz

Pretty easy to follow and this week there was a couple of specials requests which kept things interesting!

The 28th Annual CCA/CRA Herbert Stampede kicks off tonight, so Albert Woelk a representative from the Gouldtown area made a special request.

So you heard, we did play "Coward of the County" and no I will not be participating in the Wild Cow Race! You can spectate alongside me as the event happens this Sunday at the Herbert Rodeo Grounds.

A longtime, loyal listener is celebrating a birthday this weekend and shares it with her twin brother. Evelyn Wiebe, we hope you enjoyed your request and have a happy birthday!

This morning we gave away our final pair of tickets to the Frenchman River Gospel Jam and I haven't heard a listener get this excited in a very long time...

You can still get tickets at - Link Union headlines tonight, Jason Blaine tomorrow and The Oak Ridge Boys round off the weekend on Sunday. Just a heads up there was a misprint on the Sunday passes, doors open at 1:15 and the show starts at 2pm.

Enjoy the weekend, whether its a rodeo performance, FRGJ, a centennial event or maybe just some downtime at home!

Herbert Stampede

The 28th Annual Herbert Stampede is approaching this weekend! $10 admission gets you into the rodeo action which kicks off Friday night right through Sunday afternoon.

The CCA/CRA approved rodeo is a long-standing event people from the community look forward to annually and it brings a lot of folks in from all over.

Secretary/Treasurer on the committee for the Hertbert Stampede, Brian Cornelson joined us this morning on the show and wanted to make sure people knew about not only the rodeo, cabarets, and wild west parade but the wild cow race taking part on Sunday.

Rob McLane & Against the Grain will be performing both Friday/Saturday nights, no minors allowed. You can get tickets for the dance at the gate.

Here is a video from a few years back to give you an idea of the wild cow race...

Happy Tuesday!

A Weekend of No Sleep, Just Fun!

Hey, guys! I had so much fun this weekend and I honestly couldn't wait to share it with you. I had the chance to go on another roadtrip, and believe it or not, I didn't get lost this time!

On Friday night, I hit up the Lyric Theatre for some open stage talent. I try to get there as often as I can, because it's always a lot of fun and we have some incredible talent here in Swift. If you were there, you may have seen some familiar faces as there were a number of people hanging out at the Lyric including some radio station folks! Candace and I even jumped on stage and sang a couple songs.

photo 13 copy

Saturday I checked out Market Square. I love going to Market Square, and I think we're very fortunate to have a community that can put it all together. From fashion to fresh produce, Market Square has it all! It's just a bonus that everyone there is a friendly face AND there's some awesome musical talent. I got some carrots and sprouts for a snack, and I have never tasted carrots that good! I think I'm going to start doing my grocery shopping at Market Square on Saturdays. It's so worth it to go.

photo 23 copy copy

photo 33 copy

Next, I headed out to the Frenchman Valley Campground at Grasslands National Park for the Sleep Under the Stars Party! I had so much fun, and I got to know some pretty rad folks! We had a full day with kayaking, wagon rides, hikes, and of course scouting for some Black-Footed Ferrets at midnight.

photo 43 copy copy

photo 14 copy copy

The picture above is just a piece of the history from this area. This was one of the first homesteads and by far the largest. There used to be a barn standing here as well, but unfortunately burned down last summer in a grass fire. We stopped here during our wagon ride to check out the historical site.

photo 44 copy

We went kayaking in the Frenchman River, too! It was lots of fun, and yet so peaceful. However, a few of our fellow kayakers found out how tippy the boats could be and took a little dip in the river. ;)

photo 24 copy

We had a delicious feast after kayaking and wagon rides! Burgers, hotdogs, and veggies! Next, we got all geared up to search for some ferrets in the dark. We put on gators, flashlights, and backpacks filled with all the equipment you need to find a ferret. Unfortunately, we didn't see any ferrets, but we did get to hangout with nature in the calmest environment surrounded by a sky so thick with stars you could swim in them. It was breathtaking. The fact that you could hear a herd of bison just ten feet away from you was really cool, too!

photo 34 copy

After looking for ferrets until around midnight, I spent the night out there in a tent and it was lovely! The next morning we were awoken with a full breakfast spread of pancakes and sausage. There was one last hike to go on, but we had to hit the road to get to our next destination. 

photo 54

On our way home, we spotted a field full of these little guys! They're Black-tailed Prairie Dogs, and this is just one of the 19 dog towns they have out at Grasslands National Park! It was a really neat thing to see.

When we made it back to Swift, I scooted over to the Mennonite Village at Kinetic Park where they were having their 20th Annual Watermelon Festival! Not only did I enjoy the roll kuchen and watermelon, but I had a hidden agenda! I handed out Stars calendars to people at random and took some pictures with them! If you see me at events, chances are I'll have some prizes to give away. Come say hi and take a picture with me, and it's all yours!

photo 36

photo 16

photo 27

I stopped by Doc's Town on the way for "Down on the Farm" and I got to pet some ridiculously adorable fur babies. They had farm animals on display, as well as demonstrations of different farm chores like milking!

photo 45

photo 55

photo 17

photo 28

Out of all the events I've attended, I'd say this past weekend was the most fun! Sleep Under the Stars is an annual event, so make sure to mark your calendars for the 4th weekend in July! ... And then come back to Swift for some roll kuchen!

Check back on Thursday for next weekend's upcoming events! Hint: Think 'centennial'. ;)

For more information, click on the Events Calendar. See you soon!

Events This Weekend!

Hey, guys! We've got some awesome events lined up for this weekend, so try your best to get out there!


Starting off tonight is the Lyric Theatre's Open Stage! I go to almost every one of the open stage events at the Lyric and it's always a great time filled with even better music! You're guaranteed to see some familiar faces as well! Candace from Magic 97.1 and I are both performing tonight, so come cheer us on!


Saturday morning I'll be checking out Market Square. There's always something neat to check out and the live music adds a nice touch. :)

Saturday afternoon I'm heading out to Frenchman Valley campground for Sleep Under the Stars Party! An afternoon filled with kayaking, wagon rides, music, and a chance to seek out the black footed ferrets! You can join me, too! Click on the Events Calendar for more information and give them a call! It all starts at 4pm at the West Block


Sunday is Doc's Town's Down on the Farm! Cute farm animals will be on display, and you can even try your hand at milking! (I'll cross another 'first' off my list).

Sunday is also Climax's Family Day! It'll be a great day to be out and about in your community.

This weekend is full of great events to be apart of, so grab a friend and find some fun in the southwest. :)

For more information on events happening this weekend, click on the Events Calendar. See you soon!

SC Indians need our help!

So my career as a Tribe spectator may be over, for the benefit of the team. I've attended several home games this year and unfortunately they have yet to win with me in attendance. I am gracefully bowing out because I believe it must be my attendance that contributes to the loss, bad luck spectator is what I'll call myself!

There are just a few home games left for the Tribe, which means two things... playoffs are around the corner, and summer is winding down. *insert sad face here* The boys play at home this weekend -  tomorrow night against Melville, Sunday Medicine Hat is in town and we're packing the park Monday as Yorkton will be headed south.

All games start at 7:05 and we have sponsored the evening on Monday so be on the lookout for tonnes of awesome give aways. We gave away tickets to lucky listeners this morning if they could identify the #'s of the players Eros Modena & Zach Manley, both of which were on the show today and helped send birthday greetings around the southwest.

indians copy

Tara & Elsie wasted no time in calling in to win...

See you this weekend at the park! I'll be the spectator with the binoculars watching from the roof of a house a few blocks away... just kidding!

Ten Times Crazier

It was one of four Canadian dates on the Ten Times Crazier tour, two of which were summer festivals. (Cavendish/Dauphinfest) Saskatoon won the concert lottery by booking Blake Shelton for this sold out show, even though it was on a Tuesday, there wasn't an empty seat in the Credit Union Centre.

MacKenzie Porter, who hails from Irvine AB, opened the show and blew everyone away with hits like "Wish I'd Known" "Never Gonna Let You" and of course her latest single "If You Ask Me To". She rocked the red lipstick and showed us her feminine side with sparkly microphone & matching violin. 

During the intermission we heard music played by classics like Dwight Yoakam & Randy Travis but the show couldn't start without singles from artists close to the main act. Danielle Bradbery, Cassadee Pope & Gwen Sebastian, all former Voice contestants, played over the arena. The latest release from Miranda Lambert, featuring Carrie Underwood, Something Bad was the prelude to the big show.

The lights went down, the crowd went wild, and Blake kicks off the concert with "All About Tonight". He thanked everyone for coming out and says there are two reasons why he came to Saskatoon... to play country music and to drink.

He then rolls into "The More I Drink" folllowed by "She Wouldn't Be Gone"

Blake confided in the audience saying he was extremely nervous coming to play shows in Canada. (Especially on a "Fricken Tuesday") He admitted he didn't think we would even know who he was, let alone sell out an arena.

He interacted with the audience, pointing out the guys at the front of the stage looking like they were forced to taking their ladies to the show, which led into "Doin What She Likes" and "Mine Would Be You"

He says the help his nerves, he drinks... a lot. Blake then proceeded to give a toast to Saskatoon and asked the audience if we would mind if he got a little adventurous and dug out some of his "Old Crap", the crowd roared with excitement which turned into the song "Nobody But Me"

At the end of the song he did the finger thing from the tv show The Voice...

Blake said, he was sorry, it was a stupid idea to pull out old stuff but somehow still feels connected to them. He pulled out a cowboy hat and says if you didn't wear one of these when he started singing, you weren't going to make it in country music. He put on the cowboy hat and faux hair fell out the back to reinact his old look complete with the mullet. The crowd went wild as he played "Some Beach" and "Ol Red".

A couple at the front of the stage were called out for getting friendly during "Ol Red" as it's a prison song but it clearly put them in "the mood", Blake said if you want this to continue on when they get home, he would help the fellow along... cue "Who Are You When I'm Not Looking" cranking into "Hillbilly Bone' and "Sure Be Cool If You Did"

During the show the teletrons showed glimpses of the band including the back up singers, one of which looked awfully similar to Voice contestant Gwen Sebastian. Blake & Gwen recorded a single, "My Eyes" together which is currently climbing the charts and he introduced the backup vocalist as Gwen Sebastian, saying she often causes fights between him and his wife, Miranda as she sings for both of them but Blake won by recording a song with Gwen and pulled her on tour for the summer.

After that things slowed down to just two stools at the front of the stage. One for Blake and one for his drink. He chatted a bit about a song he wrote with his wife, its on her Four the Record album and was written about his brother. He said it's one of the two most important songs of his life and he can't sing it like Miranda, but he would give it a go. "Over You" played and it was amazing followed by his first radio single which started it all for him back in the 2001, "Austin"

The band came back onto the stage and they cranked out "Drink On It" "Home" "Honeybee" before the stage went dark for a few moments. Lights came back on and "Boys Round Here" took over the arena to close the show.

For the encore he played "Footloose" to get everyone on their feet and stretch their legs as he played for just under two hours. There wasn't a nose bleed seat empty in the Credit Union Centre and people will be talking about this show for a long time. He was funny, played all the songs we knew the words to and I would reccomend doing whatever it takes to snag a ticket to his next show, which I hope is sooner than later!

The Adventures of Kathy and Shanna

I had another fun filled weekend, and this time I had an accomplice! Kathy Jennings from Magic 97.1 joined me for a roadtrip to Shaunavon and Lac Pelletier! Even though we got a little lost on our way to Lac Pelletier, we had lots of laughs and good memories.

To kick off the weekend, I checked out Shaunavon's Boomtown Days rodeo. It was beautiful night for a rodeo with great weather and great people. The CCA folks put on a fantastic show for us! The Triple Threat Trick Riders also made an appearance and the crowd was amazed by their tricks and stunts.

photo 46 copy

photo 35

photo 15

Saturday morning, Kathy and headed out to Shaunavon once again for the Boomtown Days parade! We had a ton of fun throwing candy and pumping the tunes around town for the parade after enjoying a pancake breakfast. 

photo 1 copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy

photo 3 copy copy

photo 4 copy copy copy

photo 2 copy copy copy

Next stop, after getting slightly lost, was Lac Pelletier for their 50th Anniversary! The Coral saw some great entertainment with Saskatchewan Express performing all afternoon, along with some delicious cake! Some fuzzy creatures were also soaking up the celebration from the petting zoo in front of the park office. We grabbed a bite to eat from Clancy's before stopping to pet the Zebu cows and marvel in their cuteness. :)

photo 51 copy

photo 21 copy

photo 31 copy

photo 41 copy

photo 11 copy copy

On the way home, we stopped at the Eliminator's Car Show at the Living Sky Casino. If I could own this blue car, I would be the happiest little southwest adventurer in the world.

photo 22 copy

photo 12 copy

On Sunday, I headed out to Shaunavon for the last of Boomtown Days. Sunday in the Park was a nice relaxing way to end the weekend, with lovely music and an awesome concession stand!

photo 52 copy copy

photo 32 copy

photo 42 copy

It was a great weekend! Keep in touch for more information on what's happening in the southwest corner of the province. See you soon! :)

Details on upcoming events available on the Events Calendar.

Happy Mondaze!

What a fabulous weekend! Boomtown Days in Shaunavon, Speedy Creek Racing both Friday & Saturday evenings, as well as Hallonquist Rodeo and Lac Pelletier celebrating their 50th Birthday!

After a whirlwind weekend, it can be hard getting back into the grind. This morning we had a murder mystery to solve and solving the mystery entitled a lucky listener to a $10 gift card for Burger King!

Shauna was killed one Sunday morning. The police know who they are going to arrest from this bit of information:

April was getting the mail
Alyssa was doing laundry
Reggie was cooking
Mark was planting in the garden
Who killed Shauna and how did the police know who to arrest?

Craven a Cause

Last week we raffled off a Camping Pass & a pair of Craven Weekend Passes to the highest bidder.

Loyal Listener, Kale Scherger, called in at the last minute with $150 bid and had a great time at Craven this past weekend!

Today we delivered the donation to Heather at Southwest Crisis Services for the Safe Shelter.

photo copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy

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