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Broncos play host to Blades

IplexThe Innovation Credit Union Iplex! Where it's All going Down!

The Boys are back! No, I’m not talking about the Dropkick Murphys song; I’m talking about the Swift Current Broncos!

After three games on the road the Broncos are ready to take on the Saskatoon Blades tonight!

This is going to be a great game, as the Broncos are looking to build off of their shoot out win earlier this week over Brandon.

Meanwhile the Blades are looking to come back after a rough 6-1 lashing from the Prince Albert Raiders!

Tomorrow night the Broncos and Blades will be squaring off once again; as they are heading to Saskatoon for game 2-2 of the home and home series.

For tonight’s game you will want to be sitting in Section E if possible. Why? Because that is tonight Innovation Credit Union Iseat!

If you are sitting in Section E tonight keep your ticket stub and listen to the Eagle morning Show Monday morning for your chance to win Cold Hard cash!

For tonight however, The Broncos will be looking for a little extra pump from the crowd. So let’s pack the stands Swift current! Be loud! Be proud, and let’s help lift our Swift Current Broncos to a Victory!


Man is it Slick!

This stuff will Almost Always Get the Best of youThis stuff will Almost Always Get the Best of you

All that warm weather we had last week was great! But there is one down side.

Walking has become a bit of a task in our fair city. Its seems no matter where you’re walking, you will find ice, and you will slip.

Here are some tips to help with these icy streets…

          -Buy some of those ice cleat things………. Sure they don’t look the greatest and, they may even hurt your feet, but it’s better than winding up on your back right?

          -For this tip, I’m Going to quote the movie “Cool Running’s”……… “Grip with your toes!”

          -And finally, carry a pail of gravel with you wherever you go! When you hit those slippery sections, just throw some gravel down and use that for grip!

In all seriousness though, it is icy, and therefore the risk of falling and getting hurt is higher. So please be safe, watch your surroundings, and be careful.

Afternoon Pie and Coffee!

coffeeThe Love for Coffee at the office is Real!

Do you love Pie and Coffee!? I do, that’s for sure!

 If you love pie and coffee, then The Eastend United Church is hosting something this afternoon you are going to love!

 The Eastend United Church is hosting an Afternoon Pie and Coffee today!

 This is event is taking place at the Eastend United Church, in Eastend from 2-4 P.M. Today! Everyone is welcome to come, and it costs five dollars to get in!

Look At The Weather!

IMG 1151It Just So Nice!

Look at this Weather! We are rolling through January at stupidly warm temperatures! But, I don’t think anyone is complaining!

Although the temperatures are supposed to cool down later on this week, we still have a few days of BEAUTIFUL weather!

Just in case you want to get out, but don’t know what to do, here’s a few ideas!

-         - Go for a Walk........ We have some really awesome walking trails!

-         - Wash your car! (It’s guaranteed with all this moisture its needed!)

-         - Just sit there and enjoy nature!

-          -And maybe even get your bike out and go for a bike ride!

Whatever you plan to do outside, go ahead and have a great time!

Rink Burgers... mmmmhmmm

Last night was game one of the K-motel AA midget Hurricanes round 2 of provincials, versus the Estevan Bruins! But that’s not what this post is about.....

While at the game, I had a cheeseburger at the rink, which sparked the thought “where is the best rink burger in Southwest Saskatchewan?”

After all of your answers today, it was proven that there are great rink burgers all over the place! Two HUGE standouts, in my search for the best rink burger in Southwest Saskatchewan, were Glentworth, and Kyle.

Where is your favorite rink burger found?

IMG 1138

Everything's better Outdoors!

IMG 1132It was a great night for a skate!

Last night was my first time on an outdoor rink in a couple of years! Sure it’s a lot different than an indoor rink, but I still say there is nothing like it!

In Swift Current we have plenty of outdoor rinks! All available for a good skate! If you don’t go that often anymore just think of it this way; its fun, its exercise, and it’s always a good memory!

Basically what I’m getting at is if you are looking for a fun time; visit an outdoor rink here in the city! Wait until later then go skating under the big lights! If you do choose to go, whenever you go is a good time!

If you are looking for an ice Schedule just keeps scrolling down a couple of articles!


IMG 1125It's All Going Down Here! Tomorrow 7:15!

Are you looking for something to do tomorrow night? Well have I got a treat for you!

Tomorrow night the K Motel AA midget Hurricanes are in action! The Canes are taking on the Estevan Bruins, for game 1 of 2, of the 2nd round of Provincials!

The Game is going down at the Fairview West Arena! Puck drop is at 7:15!

This is going to be a good one so let’s cheer on the boys, and PACK THE VIEW!

Lets Go For A Skate!

RinkScheduleJust in case you were planning on going! Here's The Schedule!

Looking for something fun to do? Know how to skate? Why not head out to one of the many Outdoor rinks, in Swift Current!

 Grab a group of friends, and head out to the rink! It’s almost a guarantee that you are going to have a great time! I am planning on heading out tonight myself!

 These rinks are found all over the city, so it is not very hard to find somewhere to go!

Bronco Banter!

rigbybanterThis is the Kind of landscape Carter isn't used too

Bronco Banter is back! After a few missed weeks, you can once again hear from your favorite Swift Current Bronco players!

 This morning we had Swift Current Bronco forward, Carter Rigby in studio! Carter is straight from Penticton B.C. so he had to tell us what he thinks of our way of life, and of course the difference in landscapes.

 Bronco Banter Happens Monday’s, and is your premium chance to learn more about your favorite Bronco players!

 Our next Bronco Banter is coming up on Monday January 26th! Cavin Leth will be here to have a chat with us!

Check This out!

IMG 1102My reaction to the Video!

Do you know all four of The Beatles names? Tons of people do, but apparently not your favourite NHL stars! had a handful of the biggest NHL stars and asked them to name the Beatles! Needless to say they had a bit of trouble!

If you want to check it out, you can find it right here:

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