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On being Canadian

leafNow...more than ever.

Some days are sad days.  This is one of those.

This morning at the National War Memorial in Ottawa, a Canadian solider, proudly standing guard, was shot and killed by a gunman dressed in black.  The gunman was tracked down in the Parlimentary Library where he was shot and killed.  At the time of this writing, police in Ottawa continue to search downtown for other possible suspects, government buildings are on lockdown, and our nations leaders are safely sequestered away for any possible harm.  Tonights NHL game between the Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators has been postponed.

It's in times like these we take stock of what is means to be Canadian and how protected we are from much of the terrible truth in the world.  Day to day, for most of us, this sort of tragedy is something that happens in foreign lands.  We read about terrorism in the middle east, (and todays shootings have not yet been called an act of terrorism), we see footage of civil wars on the evening news, and we read about crisis in far flung countrys.  More often than not our reaction is "that won't happen here".

Today reminds us it can happen here.

Now is a good time to stand together as Canadians, of all colors, creeds and religions, and remind ourselves that together we will not be bullied or intimidated.  We will hold our resolve.  We will continue to show the world our very best.  It's also a good time to say thanks to our local first responders, emergency workers, law enforcement officers, and of course our troops.  We will continue to pray for your safety, and the safety of all Canadians.

God Bless Canada.

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

appleBehold, the humble (and tasty) Apple.

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then why not buy them in bulk? Sunday the Kiwanis Club of Swift Current is holding an apple drive in order to help support they're efforts. The club will be delivering the apples door to door at four o'clock Sunday. If you aren’t home that’s alright! You can purchase the apples at both malls here in Swift Current, starting on Monday October 27 and they will continue to be available at the malls while supplies last.

It's in YOU to give

blood resizedRoll up your sleeve and save a life

We always think it'll never happen to us.  Accidents and health crisis always happen to someone else, or to someone elses family.  But what if it did happen to us?  What if you, or someone you loved needed blood or blood products to survive?  What if they could die without them?  And what if they weren't available?

That doesn't have to happen, and we can all play a role in making sure it doesn't by giving blood.  It's quick, pretty much pain free (it is a needle....but we can handle that right), and the difference it makes is huge.  HUGE!! 

Canadian Blood Services has another blood donor clinic happening Tuesday Oct 21st from 9-3 at the Bridgeway Community Church.  Call 1-888-236-6283 to make an appointment, or just stop by.  On behalf of the life you save, thank you. 

It's Influenza Season

Have you gotten you're flu shot yet? Some have and some haven't. Just like, how some people feel like the shots are needed, and some feel like they are not needed. No matter what your preference, the flu clinics have started! The Cypress Health Region has recently released it's schdule for Vaccination clinics, so if you plan on getting vaccinated, you might want to give that a look. You can find the Schedule at the Cypress Health Region's website, at

Your Chance is Almost Gone!

The Doobie Brothers are coming to Mosaic place this sunday! You probably already knew that, as well as you probably already knew that we are giving away tickets to the show. But did you know that your chance to get into the draw is almost done?

After this morning there is only three more chances to get your name into the draw! so listen closely to the Eagle 94.1, in the morning, as well as keep your eye on our Facebook pagefor the final three chances! Good Luck!

Taking It To The Streets!

Do you love Classic rock and roll? Do you love The Doobie Brothers? Well this weekend the Doobie Brothers are going to be at Mosaic Place in Moose Jaw and we have tickets we are giving away! Every morning this week, between six to nine a.m., we are giving you tons of chances to get your name in the draw for the tickets! Keep an Ear and Eye open for your chance to be entered! Good Luck!

Coming soon to a listening device near you....

RADIO PICWarm up the wireless unit for radio fun!!

A busy Thanksgiving weekend and beyond ahead on the Eagle.  Here are a couple of things to keep in mind....

Bronco hockey is on the air tonight and tomorrow night.  Take your radio to the rink for the pre-game both nights at 6:40 and the play by play at 7:00  And hold onto your ticket stubs because coming up back to work Tuesday morning we'll be calling sections and row numbers for FREE MONEY in the Innovation Credit Union I-seat contest.

Also this weekend we need you to brush up on your Swift Current landmarks.  Starting next week we'll play "Takin' it to the Streets" for free tickets to see the Doobie Brothers in Moose Jaw October 19th.  Every day on the Eagle blog we'll post the picture of a famous Swift Current Landmark.  Tell us what it is and your entered to win.  You can send your answers to our studio at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or post them on our Facebook time.  Every time you answer, you get entered to win.

Have a great Thanksgiving...and GO RIDERS!!

The Age Old Question


The battle of the bird

Fork or spoon?  Black or with cream?  Rare or well done?  Burgers or hot dogs?  And the biggest of all....WHITE MEAT OR DARK MEAT? 

With the arrival of Thanksgiving this weekend, that question will be asked at tables all around Swift Current and the southwest.  It's not exactly a controversial issue, but it is none the less, interesting to note that very few people sit on the fence when it comes to what part of the bird they like to gobble down.  They like white meat and not dark, or the other way around.  Very rarely do we hear "it doesn't matter, either is fine".  So where do you fall on this?  White meat or dark?  Have your say right now on the Eagle facebook page.

And let's not even get started on who gets the drumstick.

They're Back!


After a long road trip throughout B.C., the Swift Current Broncos are Finally home, and a couple of home games this weekend! Friday night at seven o'clock, they will be facing off against the Kootenay Ice, and then again Saturday night as the Tri-City Americans will be in town for a seven o'clock puck drop. Come out and show that you are Branded Blue! Go Broncos Go! All Broncos games can be heard on The Eagle 94.1, with the pre-game show, hosted by Shawn Mullin, starting half an hour before each game.


Have you always wanted to go to Oktoberfest, but never had the chance to, or couldn’t afford going all the way to Germany? Well October 18th is your chance for a great Oktoberfest experience, right here in Swift Current!

Dickson Agencies is once again hosting the Oktoberfest celebration at the Legion Hall, in order to raise money for renovations on the Swift Current Legion Building. A feast of Bavarian sausage will be served, and the night’s entertainment will be brought to you by Swift Current’s very own Bakersfield! It is sure to be a great time, and it is for a great cause! Tickets are thirty five dollars each, the doors open at seven, and there are no minors allowed.

To buy tickets, you can call Dickson Agencies at 306-773-0624, or email them at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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