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Busy Weekend Ahead


A busy morning in the studio as we head to a busy weekend in the South West!  Gave away our fourth prize for Eagle the Elmwood this summer (keep looking for those Eagle 94.1 golf balls when your out shanking 5 irons)

Also gave away tickets to the Shake The Lake party in Lac Pelletier tomorrow night.  Grab advance tickets for $20($10 savings in advance over getting them at the gate) at the Lac Pelltier Office, golf course, or at Optical Image in Swift.

Also drag races this weekend!  Al was in yesterday giving us all the information you could ever need

*Does look like (in the forecast anyways) that the rain is gonna stay away this weekend

Also a couple Indians games this weekend as well.  Tomorrow night 7:05 versus Melville, and Sunday afternoon 2:05 versus Medicine Hat.  Zac Manley and Eros Modena were kind enough to get up early on an off day and come in to give us the players perspective and help out with giving away Clear Water Drive In passes

As always heading into a weekend, be safe and responsible (no need for drinking and driving)... Basically just think to yourself What Would Cam Krell Do?  And then do the exact opposite!

The Tribe Into the Home Stretch

Literally, the Indians are into the home stretch of the 2014 WMBL regular season... 5 of their final 6 games are at home, including tonight when the boys host the Okotoks Dawgs (7:05 first pitch from Mitchell Field).

Looks like the Indians will be playoff bound again (barring some kind of incredible collapse over the next week) the question becomes can they win the Central Division.  As of right now they are 2 games up on the Moose Jaw Miller Express for that division lead.  That means two games with the MX next week will be huge (catch both the home and road game on The Eagle)

Swift had another great start last night from Sean Callegari (who remains a perfect 5-0 on the year), leaving the game with the 2-1 lead.  Unfortunately the bullpen had a rough time in the top of 7 and 8 as the Indians would drop a tough one to the East Division Yorkton Cardinals (the Cards back in town Monday the 28th for Pack the Park night)

Finally, and I'm not sure how to make this relevant with the WMBL talk so I won't try, I leave you with this reading of Lebron James' "Coming Home" letter he wrote to the state of Ohio

Still Plenty of Summer Left

Blog July 23 Golf

Got back out to Elmwood yesterday to scatter some Eagle 94.1 golf balls around (find one and you could be a big winner every Friday morning this summer)

Also there is still some ball left to enjoy down at Mitchell Field... 7:05 tonight the Tribe host the visiting Yorkton Cardinals (weather permitting)... If you can't make it down to the park we do have the game on the Eagle as well starting at 6:55

Eagle The Elmwood Third Draw

Blog July 17 Golf

Finally got the scorecard from Tuesday uploaded (by the way I'm the 103 not that crappy 107!)

Thinking of a contest involving when I finally get back into double digits out at the Elmwood Golf and Country Club.  Than I realized we already have a golf contest going on (not everything has to be about me right?)

Next draw for Eagle the Elmwood coming at you tomorrow morning, so you still have today to get out and find an Eagle 94.1 golf ball.  Pick it up, take it into the clubhouse (after your round) and you have a chance to win every Friday morning this summer... If you have found a ball and haven't won yet not to worry you could be a winner all the way through August.  The final prize as always is huge!  Stay and Play package (free golf and Living Sky Casino package) plus a new set of clubs for next summer.  Tomorrow morning a $100 gift certificate to the Pioneer Coop Home Center is going to be rewarded to one lucky golfer

Beautiful Afternoon for Golf

Blog May 1 Golf

Heading back out to Elmwood Golf and Country Club here in just a few minutes... The grass now a lot greener than it was that first time out (pictured above)

Looking to lose some more Eagle 94.1 golf balls... Again if you find one, grab it and take it into the pro shop for your chance to win every Friday morning this summer

Speaking of golf we got a call from Bill Lee on the show this morning, getting ready for his annual fundraising tourney in August (This year proceeds going to the local SPCA)

Tribe Talk

SC Indians Blog July 14

In studio this morning it was another edition of Tribe Talk (my favourite part of any morning) when Eros Modena and Eric Sams joined us fresh off an awesome weekend

Don't forget the Tribe host the Lethbridge Bulls at 7:05 tonight and the Moose Jaw Miller Express on Wednesday at 7:05... Head down to Mitchell Field for some sunshine, cold brews, and good baseball as we head down the stretch drive of the 2014 WMBL campaign

Indians Double Header Tonight

So a little bit of confusion throughout the week on how much Indians baseball you'd get, in the end you will get two games, both tonight, with the first pitch at 6:05 not 7:05... A double header on tap for this evening!

The tribe head splitting a couple of home games after a 3 game winning streak... Wednesday night they dropped an 8-5 decision to Saskatoon, following it up with a 8-4 win over Regina last night.  Two wins tonight and the tribe will be on another winning streak as they head into Yorkton to play a game tomorrow night and Sunday afternoon

It's gonna be a busy sports filled weekend again(at least for this kid)... Baseball tonight, Riders tomorrow(also looking for a bounce back game after that embarassing effort in Toronto)... And then Sunday I'll probably try to fit in 18 at Elmwood

Don't forget that Eagle the Elmwood continues throughout the summer, with Frank Urquhart winning this morning and another prize up for grabs next Friday morning... Wanted to post my scorecard from Monday, but apparantly the round was so bad it wouldn't load... A solid buck 11 still beats my previous round of a buck 13 though, so progress?  When your out at Elmwood look for that Eagle 94.1 golf ball, when you find it, grab it and take it into the pro shop for your chance to win each Friday this summer!

As always have a great (and responsible) weekend (especially if your going out to Craven)

S.C. Indians Friday Night


The Eagle is back on the road with The Tribe tomorrow night, pregame at 6:55, first pitch scheduled for 7:05 as the Indians head to Melville to take on the Millionaires

Yesterday had Michael Eberle and Hunter Owen in to discuss coming up from Indiana and playing ball in Swift Current

And as you heard in the interview still a chance to check out the guys at home before they go on a weekend road trip... Tonight 7:05 from Mitchell Field hosting the visiting Regina Red Sox

Frontier Days In Less Than Two Weeks

Getting back into the work state of mind this morning by looking forward to the weekend(s) ahead

Doug was in studio to discuss the Kyle High School Reunion on the 27th and 28th

And also Frontier Days kicks off heading to the weekend of the 28th... Gave away our first prizes this morning, and if you missed it there are still plenty of concerts/irides/rodeos/concerts tickets to giveaway over the next two weeks, be tuned in to the morning show so you don't miss your chance to win again

Preparing For Eagle The Elmwood

Blog June 12 Golf

Filled in the scorecard old school yesterday... Didn't really help my game alot (pictured is only the back 9 but as you can see from the total the front 9 wasn't much better)

So here's the deal... If you can beat the above score, you can win at Eagle The Elmwood (although having a similar score to that pictured above may give you a better shot at winning Eagle The Elmwood)... For the past few weeks the station has hooked me up with enough balls to get through a typical Cam Krell round of golf (48)... I came back yesterday with 12. So this summer when you're out at Elmwood keep an eye out for Eagle 94.1 golf balls and if you find one take it into the pro shop and exchange it for an entry form to win a different prize each week starting at the end of June (There's for sure a ball in the creek just in front of the 12th green if you want to go for a swim).

The prizes for Eagle the Elmwood are still being finalized, but if you were a part of the event last year you will know that the prizes are always top notch so get a head start and book yourself a tee time by calling 306-778-GOLF.

As for where to look for those balls, my round yesterday would indicate there will be a few to the right, a few to the left, a couple in clusters of tree, and probably a few buried so deep in the cabbage that you'll need to bring along a machete (My eyes seem to be getting worse too so there may be a few on the fairway that I just simply drove by)

That 10 score on 16 was almost my tipping point (the point where I just pack it up and call it a day)... Gave myself 10 because I had chipped to both sides of the green twice already, lost my drive into the trees, and 3 putted to 6 feet from the cup... Decided to force myself to make a 6 foot putt by attempting the same putt 15 times back to back and missing it all 15 times... At this point I gave up having never got the ball into the hole, picking up said ball, and turning and throwing it into the creek to join 6 of it's brothers (restraint kept me from sailing my putter into the creek too)

This morning on the show took out that crappy round of golf on The Eagle's loyal listeners by making way too many bad jokes (and really messing people up with Trailer Park Boys or Fast and the Furious?)

Never got the Trailer Park Boys AND Fast and Furious answer I was looking for but did give away Drag Racing tickets anyways

Tomorrow on the show I'll be giving away more Clearwater passes and a last minute golf package you can give to Dad this weekend!

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