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Go Midnight Roses!

The Midnight Roses are not only Swift Current's finalist entry for the CBC Searchlight contest, they're the representatives for ALL of Saskatchewan!

This super-talented bluegrass/country band is high energy and they're the next big thing. We know it - now, let's help our whole country know it too!


Lead singer Myshell Pajuaar chatted with Candace this morning to outline how the contest has gone for them so far.

It would be sooooo cool to see them win. They rock. Thanks for taking the time to do an interview, Myshell!

PS - because Friday is Good Friday and a stat holiday - we're doing THROWBACK THURSDAY for tomorrow's morning show.

Get your best 80s and 90s pop songs teed up for a request... tweet us at @Magic97_SC OR email Candace at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .








































Celebrities on the Magic Morning Show today!

Candace was starstruck this morning meeting our special guests from Ashley Park School today!

Cash, Jasmine, and Amisha ushered in Mayor Jerrod Schafer this morning to talk to Candace about the K-Kids group at Ashley Park.
Hear their interview here:

Sidebar... Amisha is the Champion Child for ALL of Saskatchewan - and she's from Swift. So cool - you go girl!

Front Row, L-R: Amisha, Cash, Jasmine
Back Row, L-R: Mayor Jerrod Schafer, Candace

OH - and if you're looking to buy some raffle tickets - just call Ashley Park School and they can hook you up. (306) 778-9251

Also - this is happening tonight. And it sounds awesome - and it's for a SUPER cause. Ability Bowl is on Saturday, April 26th! Visit them on Facebook for more information!

Animals Abound!

It's Monday - and everyone has a case of the Mondays today.

BUT here's something that may help.

Have you been to the SPCA in Swift Current lately? They're closed today, but you can visit their website to see what gorgeous animals they have up for adoption.

Candace was at Discover the Farm on Saturday and sadly could NOT take home this adorable baby goat...


(Special thanks to Glenda Allen for making this happen!)

However, she WAS able to adopt this little beauty from the SPCA:

Her name was Chili, but Candace is renaming her Margaret Thatcher. She's the Iron Lady, after all.

If you'd like to adopt an animal -we urge you to visit the awesome staff at the SPCA. They devote a lot of time to making sure these gorgeous animals find their forever homes. Thank you for all that you do!


Fallback Friday on the Magic Morning Show!

While getting ready for work at the crack of dawn this morning, Candace decided it was going to be Fallback Friday - featuring the best pop music listener requests of the 80s and 90s - and the phone lines, the Twitter account, the Facebook page were going NUTS with feedback.

A few of the gems featured this morning?

- The Outfield - "Your Love" (thanks to Tracey Martin via Twitter)

- Rick Springfield - "Jessie's Girl" (Tara Christianson requested this in PERSON - nice one, sista!)

- Michael Jackson - "Billie Jean" (thanks to whoever called - you made my morning, as I moonwalked around the studio like a fool.)

- John Fogerty - "Center Field" (shoutout to Bryce Martin for tweet requesting this, and getting pumped about the Swift Current Minor Baseball season!)

- and Ensel called in and wanted to hear THIS:

How can ANYONE go wrong with Huey Lewis?

Especially when it's "National Eight Track Day". I think the Delorean probably had a sweet 8 Track deck...

It's also National Poutine Day. So - you know... get on that.

Happy weekend!

Discover the Farm Kicks Off Today!

The 3rd Annual Discover the Farm Event kicks off today at the Stockade at Kinetic Exhibition Park!

Students from schools in the area will be touring the event to learn the finer points of farming and agriculture.

Director Glenda Allen & Lenora Bells with the Swift Current Ag/Ex appeared on the Magic Morning Show yesterday with Candace to talk about this fantastic event!

Here's a link to the audio:

Discover the Farm continues for the whole family on Saturday at the Stockade with the Exotic Bird & Animals Sale.

Candace is on the hunt for a goat.


Don't forget to check out Candace's Twitter account for pics and updates!

Here comes the weekend

Broncos Warriors HonkaBroncos vs. Warriors kicks off a busy weekend in the city.

Here comes a big weekend in and around the city.  Tonight the Broncos play their last regular season game of the year against the suddenly hot Moose Jaw Warriors in "Fan Appreciation Night" at the I-plex.  It'll be lots of fun and if we can pack the rink it will be another great way to show our support for the "Kraft Hockeyville" bid that the city has underway.  We'll find out tomorrow during the second game of Hockey Night in Canada if we move on from the Top 8 in the west, into the Top 4.

Also this weekend, Saturday night it's the annual St Patricks Day Bash the Broncos host at the I-Plex.  Entertainment this year comes from the "Shoeless Joes" and there is a $500 prize for best costume. 

After the party, the clean up will need to be quick because Sunday it's the annual Ice Skating show at the I-plex.  It starts at 2pm with lots of local skaters taking part.  This is a big deal for the kids, so let's have a nice crowd out to support the hard work they've been doing. 

And one more thing to watch for this weekend.  These little beauties. 

holeWe call this one "the little grande canyon"

Drive safely and share the road!!

A great place to live.

city hwy1 copyThe city where life makes sense.....

Every year an outfit called "Moneysense Magazine" ranks the best places in Canada to live.  It's the kind of list a city wants to be on.  It shows, that on balance, with all the good and not so good tossed together, that a community is worth living and raising a family in.  It's also a good way for a city to beat it's chest a bit and promote itself a bit.  200 citys make the list each year.

Last year, Swift Current was 147th.  This year, 114th.  And as nice as it is to be in the top 125, don't you think we could be ranked higher? 

I'd suggest that the way the system is built misses some real important things.  You see in the "Moneysense" rankings, a number of factors are taken into consideration such as climate, crime rates, household incomes, taxation and jobless rates.  What the rankings can't measure are the softer stats that mean just as much.  The friendliness of the people, the spirit of community (look no further than our Hockeyville efforts), and the pride a city takes in it's personality and identifty.  If those things could be quantified, I would think Swift Current might rank a LOT higher.

By the way, Regina was the top Saskatchewan city in 9th, and Saskatoon was not far behind in 13th. Other Saskatchewan cities ranked included Moose Jaw in 66th, Lloydminster in 71st, North Battleford at 88th, Yorkton at 93rd, Estevan at 96th, and Prince Albert at 184th.

All that said, things are just fine right here in the city where life makes sense.

The cookie never lies!!

cookie picNow it's just GOTTA' happen!!

Believe in the power of the cookie.  Swift Current has made the first cut and is still in the running to become Kraft Hockeyville 2014.  That would mean an NHL pre-season game right here in Swift, PLUS, $100,000 cash.  A good part of that would be used to build a permanent tribute to the Broncos of 1986, and the tragic bus crash that we all remember.  But first, we need to keep our foot on the gas and vote.  The next round of voting starts this weekend.  Keep your eyes on Swift Current Online and your ears on Magic and we'll let you know how to help.


flowerCould this be far away?

Could it be that SPRING is coming?

The weather forcast for the weekend not only has sunshine, but also day time highs well above the freezing mark.  Put it all together it might just translate to a little light at the end of the tunnel.  We'll wait, and we'll hope.

One sure sign of spring in our city is this weekends STEP INTO SPRING HOME AND LEISURE SHOW at the Stockade building.  There are booths coming in from all corners of the provience, western Canada, and part of the United States, so it should be an excellent weekend.  Hours are 4-9 Friday, 10-6 Saturday, and 10-4 on Sunday.

Also as we get closer to the weekend, we'd like to remind you to help swift Current get into the top 16 for Kraft Hockeyville.  It would be a huge honour for our city if we can put this all together.  Here is how to help:

  • Visit
  • In the "City field, type SWIFT CURRENT
  • "Credit Union iPlex" will appear on the left
  • Click JOIN
  • Register an account by creating a DISPLAY NAME, entering your EMAIL ADDRESS and creating a PASSWORD

25,000 Strong

strategicplan 201425,000 in 25 years...maybe.

You may have recently heard the talk in Saskatoon of that city aiming to grow to 1/2 a million people in the next 10 years.  Well they are not alone in their plans for growth.  Our city leaders have put together an ambitious plan to see swift Current grow to 25,000 people inside the next 25 years.  And when you stop and think about it, why not?  We are on a major transportation corridors, we have a thriving ag industry, plenty of land to expand, forward thinking's all there for the taking.  Throw on top of those reasons that this is Canadas hottest provience, and it all seems more than possible.

What do you think?  Leave a comment on the Magic facebook page.  You'll find the link of the right hand side.

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