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The Musical “Cypress Hills Would Never Be the Same” was a delightful night!

I was lucky enough to go out last night for the amazing Historical Musical Drama – The Cypress Hills would never be the same! It was filled with great local talent and written by Stew Tasche chronicling the Cypress Hills from 1860 to 1883. I enjoyed the set design and the how the characters interacted throughout the crowd! It was an incredible performance. I learned so much about the era last night, I find myself recapping it to everyone I talk with today…and the music was fantastic!

You can pick up the soundtrack CD for only $15. To pick up your CD and to help support local talent, just email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 306-773-0238.

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Broke soil for #EarthDay

Don't plant the dill next to the carrots, keep your asparagus on an end of your garden, have at least two rows of corn... I guess it's not as simple as breaking ground and planting seeds with the occasional soak from the sprinkler!

garden copy
      Pumpkin, Clauiflower, Lettuce & Asparagus all started indoors on Earth Day.       

This year I thought I would test out my green thumb, wish me luck! Gardening is a delicate hobby and not as easy as one might think! Thanks to my dad for coming out to break the ground with the rototiller last night, apparently I have the perfect spot for growing so the odds are in my favor before I even plant one seed!

I used to enjoy sneaking into my grandparents garden to steal strawberries, an occasional carrot and more peas than I could successfully hide in my bunny hug pouch! For my first time around I acquired all of the above with the addition of Norland Potatoes, spinach and I'm still on the lookout for strawberry runners.

As I eagerly sat down to start some of my seeds I was marking down the days to sprout for a countdown of sorts, almost like an advent calendar for the gardener! I went to circle the day they were planted, low and behold it was Earth Day! I'd like to think I was a part of the cause yesterday!

To answer the questions you might have from the beginning of this post... I don't know why you don't plant dill next to carrots, asparagus will grow for a few years so planting it on an end will help you avoid turning it the following year, and you need more than one row of corn so that it will pollinate and produce amazing nib-lets!

What did you do for Earth Day? I'd love any gardening tips, tricks, suggestions you may have! @kyla_olson

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!


We’d like to take time to say thank you to all the Administrative Professionals in our community! Today we celebrate the most important contributors to any office and recognize all the hard work they do!

Check out our video showcasing local Administrative Professionals and one of Swift Current’s local florists, with her take on the importance of Administrative Professionals Day!

Discover the Farm - Tour

Discover the Farm was exclusive to children in the southwest over the last two days but tomorrow it's open for the public!

From 10am - 4pm stop by, check out the animals, take in some of the safety demonstrations and the gardening expo.

You can also pick up your Platinum Package at a discount for Frontier Days 2015 while you're there!


The countdown is on!

Frontier Days is only 68 days away and the line-up just keeps getting better! Ropin' Into the Future this June will see the usual CCA Rodeo Performances but new to the Ag & Ex will see us travelling back in time with the Knights of Valour Jousting Competition to start the annual weekend!

Platinum Packages are a great way to bundle everything together and this weekend the Ag & Ex committee will have a select few set aside at discounted prices! This is a great opportunity for families, people on a budget, or anyone really who loves to save a dollar.

Chilliwack, a band from the 70's & 80's whose major singles include "My Girl (Gone Gone Gone)" and "Fly At Night" will be rocking the Grand Stands June 27th before Canadian Country Artist, Tim Hicks keeps the night moving with singles like "Hell Raisin' Good Time" and "Get By".

Link Union & Lonestar wrap up the weekend in a show presented by The Robertson Family Group. Every year this local family hosts a show with proceeds going back into the community. This year the proceeds will benefit the Ag & Ex Barn Upgrades, The Center & Swift Link locally as well as Rock Solid Refuge in Shaunavon & Joe's Place in Moose Jaw.

frontier days copy
The Robertson Family Group sponsored Shaunavon's Hunter Brothers last year as well as Emerson Drive

Stop by The Stockade tomorrow from 10-4 where you can Discover the Farm, get some tips on gardening and pick up your Platinum Packages!

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