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The Chinook Continues!

Happy Monday!

The warm weather continues this week in the southwest (at least until the weekend!).
Was out getting in my physical activity for the Community Services Wellness Challenge, running and trying not to slip and fall on the incredibly icy sidewalks.

Yesterday, with temperatures hitting the double digits, I saw an awful lot of people out walking and running and some were even wearing shorts!

Sometimes, with nice weather comes not-so-nice road conditions.
Potholes, mud, puddles, and the like.

For the first time ever as a runner, I was splashed from HEAD TO TOE by a driver not paying attention (or, maybe they were paying attention and realized it was me, and thought this would be a good practical joke).

IMG 9534

My hair was drenched, jacket, tights, and sneakers... for once, I was thankful to be dressed completely in black (laundry would be interesting otherwise).

So a word of caution to drivers out there - slow down if you see pedestrians! Had the weather been below freezing, I could have been a human popsicle!


It's Family Literacy Week in the City of Swift Current, and there's an event tomorrow to celebrate it at the Swift Current Mall. "Score One for Literacy" features Grade 3 classes from around the City... and there are even going to be celebrity readers 9am, 10am, 12:30pm, and 1:30pm!

Located outside Safeway at the mall, this event will be a great way to promote literacy in families in the southwest. The team at the Swift Current Library are doing a super job with this event - call them to find out more information at 306-778-2752.

Tracey & I will be dropping in to say hi so we look forward to seeing you there!

The Weekenders

Lots on the go this weekend, friends!

The forecast for Saturday is calling for a bit of wind - so try to take shelter if you're outdoors enjoying the nicer-than-normal temperatures.

Speaking of going-ons in Swift Current - Robbie Burns night is sold out tomorrow night at the Legion - but you can celebrate Robbie Burns's birthday on Sunday on your own.

Perhaps make your own haggis. Watch clips of Groundskeeper Willie from The Simpsons. Or you could even attempt the highland fling.

Also on Saturday night - tickets are still available for the Swift Current Broncos Comedy Event. Proceeds are for the Broncos Education Fund and the event is at the Stockade (NOT the iPlex!). Doors open at 7, show starts at 8. You've got to be over 19 years of age and tickets are $30, available at the door.

The Swift Current Broncos return to action tonight in Calgary, playing the Hitmen. You can listen online here.

Saturday night, the team heads further west to Cranbrook to take on the Kootenay Ice. The Ice, the Hitmen, and the Broncos are all pretty neck & neck in the standings - only a few points separating them overall so this should be a great weekend of Junior Hockey!

Enjoy the warm weather this weekend and perhaps get outside to get active with the Wellness Challenge!

Ending the stigma.


Thanks so much to Ruth Smith, Executive Director of the Swift Current Chapter of the Canadian Mental Health Association, for coming on the show this morning to chat about erasing the stigma surrounding Mental Health issues as we lead up to National "Bell Let's Talk" Day, next Wednesday (January 28th).

Hear Ruth's chat with Candace here:

If you feel like you need to talk to someone today about something that's bothering you - the Swift Current chapter of the CMHA is there for you.
It's confidential and they will do their best to help you.
Don't delay - call 306 778 2440.

Tomorrow's show features Flashback Friday - taking your requests between 6am and 9am for a chance to win a pair of tickets to "Dining in the Dark" at the Living Sky Casino on January 29th.

Tomorrow on the show: We Talk "Bell Let's Talk".

Tomorrow morning, we have Ruth Smith, Executive Director of the Swift Current chapter of the Canadian Mental Health Association, as a special guest on the show.

Ruth will be talking to us in preparation of National "Bell Let's Talk" Day, fast approaching on January 28th.

Bell Canada has committed $67.5 million over multiple years to support a wide range of mental health organizations (large & small) from coast to coast across Canada.

Bell explains what January 28th will mean for Canadians.


We look forward to having Ruth join us tomorrow morning, to explain how those in Swift Current and surrounding areas will be benefit from this National Mental Health Awareness initiative.

Also - probably on a related note, today is "National Hug Day".
So HUG SOMEONE like you mean it today!

Water Cooler Friendships? A must have!

I was perusing Twitter last night (as is the norm) and I saw this tweet from UberFacts:


So my first thought was, "Obviously - it's from a verified account. It HAS to be true!" Then, I got to thinking... and I genuinely believe in this thought process.

Think about it - surrounding yourself with positivity (no matter if it is at school... at work... or at home) is a way to alleviate stress & if you have fun or funny coworkers, working relationships wind up actually end up making you feel HAPPIER about going to work. Imagine that. Would you want to work with people you dislike? Of course not!

(Obviously, we all have to work with people maybe we wouldn't be friends with outside of work... but that's life.)

Clearly, I couldn't write this post without double checking UberFacts' facts.
(What a weird sentence to write.)

So, I found this article from the Harvard Business Review.

It speaks to the importance (and also the minor downfalls) of socializing at work with your closest colleagues.

As I was pondering this, I consider myself very fortunate to have always collected wonderful and lasting friendships from every job I've ever had.

Is the same true for you?
This may be something you discuss around the water cooler today - or maybe, even in your board rooms. :)

Happy Tuesday!

Stranded at Walmart

Let me preface this entry by saying that I generally enjoy my shopping experiences at Walmart, but yesterday took the cake...

I was shopping yesterday, minding my own business, like the other shoppers on a regular Thursday afternoon... I had carefully selected my wares (pork loin... Greek yogurt... coffee... nail polish I don't need... you know, the usual) and I headed to the checkout.

As I was in the lineup, the lights went out at Walmart. (Does that sound like a country song title to you?)

So everyone kind of gasps, but no one was panicking or anything. There were a few battery-powered back up lights there and between those and the natural light through the front doors (which, by the way, wouldn't open), it was bearable at the front of the store.

The lady in the lineup in front of me (Laurie, my new best friend) and I asked the cashier what the deal was and she said, "I don't know, but last time this happened it only lasted 10 minutes."

So I pulled out my phone and called the newsroom here at the station (778-NEWS!!) and asked them to call the City's power department to let them know there was an outage, then updated the Facebook and Twitter accounts accordingly. I also updated my personal accounts, thinking this would be a good story.

I was right.

10 minutes became 20, then 25... then 30.

At this point, I'm getting a little antsy. Laurie goes up to the greeters-turned-gatekeepers and asked if we could go, and they told her no. At the 30 minute point of darkness, the store became even darker when the battery-powered lights went out, as did some sort of a fan (it became noticeably more quiet).

Laurie starts telling her line-mates about her family, and asks me if I am married... have kids... etc...

All this time, I'm interacting with my friends on my Facebook/Twitter accounts about this hilarious experience.
One of my friends sends me this after I am asked about my personal life and I have to hold back from confessing to Laurie that I'm now the proud owner of 2 cats...


So at the 40 minute point, I'm really starting to get antsy... and I keep thinking to myself, "Ok, you don't need this pork loin. You can break free." Then I realize they've actually got the doors guarded like Fort Knox. Our cashier reassures us, "Don't worry, we can't keep you here longer than two hours."
This doesn't really reassure me.

Finally at just over 50 minutes, staff members come around and start telling people we're being freed. One by one, all of us were allowed to leave through the newly-opened front doors. The power was STILL out.

Needless to say, the experience was actually pretty hilarious... and I don't think I've ever been so happy to be in a Walmart Parking lot!

(Now I KNOW that's a country song.)

Freed at last!

80s Night/Beach Night

So this weekend, there are a couple of Swift Current Broncos games - and they're FUN theme nights!

Friday night's game is an 80s theme - wear your best scrunchies and leg warmers and show up at the game for your chance to win great prizes from the Stable. Not only that - there's a hockey game going on, too. Moose Jaw is in town to take on the Broncos.

198128 10150150322302347 1160944 n
This is a pic of my friend Julia (also a radio lady) & I curling in 80s gear in a bonspiel back in PEI. If we can curl semi-well in 80s clothing, you can at VERY least show up to a Broncos game all decked out. :)

On Saturday, the Broncos have another home game and they're hosting Brandon. The theme night on Saturday is Beach Theme. Again, great prizes up for grabs if you're wearing leis, grass skirts, flip flops (well the weather is going to be pretty nice...) etc. So make sure you're showing your spirit!

Tomorrow's show is Flashback Friday and we have some prizes to give away - two tickets AND a Meet & Greet to see Darcy Oake on Sunday at the LSC Sky Centre - and also, two tickets for Swift Current Broncos Events Comedy Night on January 24. Request a song for your chances to win!

Now you see them... now you don't!

LSC Jan15 DarcyOake Horizontal2

Here he is - illusionist Darcy Oake will be at the Living Sky Casino Sky Centre this Sunday night!


You think THAT is good? Wait till you see what he has in store for you in Swift Current.

Doors open at 7pm. Show starts at 8. Want to go?
WE HAVE TICKETS. 3 pairs of tickets up for grabs on the Magic Morning Show, starting tomorrow morning. A meet & greet will be given away on Friday. Tickets are valued at $45/each and you can purchase them at the Casino box office by calling: 306 778 5759.

We want to send you! Be listening for your chance to win & be DAZZLED!

Tuesday's not quite gone - but the cold is!

Well - aren't we lucky?

This "cold snap" of weather seems to be vacating the southwest (at least, for now...!!) and we're being left with melting snow on the roads, and, near the end of the week, above-zero temperatures.

Say it with me - YAHOO!

To celebrate - the Broncos are hosting a "beach themed" night on Saturday night at their game against Brandon. We'll have details on the Magic Morning Show tomorrow with game day manager Leigh Duquette.
Side note - we think you're okay to not wear a bikini. It's still a rink, after all...

Friday night's game against Moose Jaw features 80s night. What's your favorite 80s character? I'm thinking of attending the game as Madonna, or there is a rumor floating around that some of us will be dressing in a group costume as the cast of Three's Company. I suppose, being the blonde, that it would make me Suzanne Somers (Chrissy). She was pretty cute, so I guess I could live with feathered hair or a side ponytail for one night! If you dress up, there's a chance you could win gift cards for The Stable. Sounds fun, right?!

Anyway - start thinking of how you can participate, we'll be talking about it this week on air, and of course, EVERYONE is talking about the nice temperatures. Join the conversation anytime by calling 306 773 0971 or on Facebook or Twitter

What a weekend of sport!

We have so much to be proud of here in Swift Current.
Not only did the Curling Club host the Viterra Southern Women's Playdowns over the weekend (congrats to all!) - but Saturday night at the cabaret, there was a piping in and slideshow presentation of the Max Kirkpatrick rink, that won gold at the Canadian Mixed Curling Championships back in November.

AWESOME! (Plus - they can SERIOUSLY 2-step.)

IMG 9014

In addition to that, Saturday night was "Dillon Heatherington Night" at the Broncos game. Despite the fact that the team lost 3-1 to Everett, the majority of the crowd stuck around to pay tribute to the World Junior Golden Boy!

Some lucky audience members took home autographed pics like this...

IMG 8996

... and before the game got underway, Team Governor Al Stewart presented Dillon's medal in front of the crowd.

IMG 9006 copy

Can't forget about the Stars of Tomorrow... the Swift Current Minor Hockey Novice Division took part in the shootout during the 1st intermission - thanks Corla for this pic!

IMG 9008

Weather is warming up this week, folks - great opportunity to get outside and play with the kids & take advantage of the outdoor rinks - call the studio if you need an extra for a game of pick-up!
306 773 0971.

Have a great week!

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