With a declining labour force in Swift Current/Moose Jaw, what can the city do to get more people here to fill vacant jobs?

Swift Current Mayor Jerrod Schafer says they have considered some more aggressive recruiting: "It's been something that's been on our radar a little bit. We know that the province and cities like Regina have gone and done some recruiting and message-sending in places like Ontario... we think it's a combination of getting out and selling the message and what approach that we actually take to that, but also continue to work with our business community."
He adds it's the city's responsibility to provide the necessary day-to-day services that people rely on, but also create a place that employers can attract people to, and that people want to move to. 
The labour force in the region fell from 53,300 in December 2010 to 50,900 at the end of 2011.

Schafer says the job numbers were a mixed bag as they are happy to see a low unemployment rate in the face off a struggling national economy. The jobless rate dropped a full percentage point over the year to 3.9%.
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