Federal Ag Minister Lawrence MacAulay set up Business Risk Management Review Panel to evaluate the current suite of programs and their effectiveness.

Those programs are to help farmers manage risks that threaten the farm and help protect against income or production losses.

The panel will spend time reviewing programs like AgriStability, AgriInvest, AgriInsurance, and AgriRecovery.

One of those members is JP Gervais the Chief Economist with Farm Credit Canada.

"Offering more isn't necessarily better, in terms of the availability of products," he said. "If you focus on a few things that need to get done, and you do it right I think there are more benefits than having an area product that your left scratching your head with and not exactly sure what is the best fit."

He adds they need to assess what is the optimal mix of tools for producers.

"That includes all the programs," he said. "Which includes all the other options, production insurance, revenue insurance and you're relying on the financial market such as hedging and so on, but make sure that they are actually matching the needs of producers in 2018."

The panel is meeting through the spring of 2018 and will be presenting their findings to the Federal, Provincial and Territorial Agriculture ministers at their annual meeting this summer.

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