Negotiators from Canada, the U-S and Mexico are meeting in Montreal this week to continue discussions around potential changes for the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Brian Innes is President of the Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance.

"We think about Canadian Agri-Food and how our exports have grown by five times since NAFTA have come into effect," he said. "So five times the amount of exports now, then we did just 23 years ago before NAFTA came into effect."

Agricultural Trade between the three countries is over $85 billion combined, with the ag sector in North America saying NAFTA is a good thing.

Innes says agricultural trade is key for Canada but also for Saskatchewan.

"Canada is vastly dependent on agriculture and trade," he said. "So whether it's our canola were we export 90 percent of what we grow, we export more than 90 percent of the pulses that we grow, a vast majority of the cereals weather its barley or wheat, and livestock too beef and pork especially. So when we think about the trade, the US is our number trading partner."

Innis says that since NAFTA came into effect, we’ve gone from 75% of our exports going into the U-S to now less than 50%; noting that while the U-S is important so are growing opportunities in Asia.

There’s been growing speculation that President Trump could give the required 6-month notice to pull out of NAFTA putting more pressure on Canada and Mexico.

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