Farm safety is always a concern and should be a priority. 

As a farmer, you never want to find yourself in a position where you're trapped inside a grain bin.

The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association is at Manitoba Ag Days this week in Brandon with its new gran entrapment demo trailer, to help educate the public on what to do if the situation arises.

Agricultural Health and Safety Specialist Bobbi Kiesman has a few tips on how to keep yourself safe.

"The first one is not working alone," she said. "Making sure somebody else knows that you're in theirs and that you have help. Having an emergency response plan, which involves wearing your full body harness. Making sure that your equipment is de-energized so locking it out, tagging it out, in addition to maintaining your grain quality. Many times people are going into grain bins because the grain is out of condition so if you can maintain quality, there is no reason to get in that bin."

Kiesman also explained what a rescue would look like. 

"When you're buried into the grainer and trapped in grain, there's a lot of forces put on you," she said. "It would take about 900 pounds to lift somebody out of the grain that is up to their nose, and unfortunately most people aren't that strong and if you did you probably going to be giving the guy quite a bit of damage. What we have to do is take the grain away from them, we build a dam around him using panels that are secured and sealed. Then we have a little four-inch auger that we put into the damn and start hauling the grain away from him, so we can eventually have access, we get him to about his knees, and at that point, we can get him out safely."

For information on how to bring the safety program to a community near you, visit CASA's website.


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