Farmers got some great insight into NAFTA and the current U.S. administration this week at the CropConnect Conference in Winnipeg.

One of the keynote speakers was David Frum, senior editor for The Atlantic and former speechwriter for U.S. President George W. Bush.

Frum talked about how he sees the NAFTA renegotiations playing out.

"I see nothing much happening, which is a good thing, while Donald Trump is president," he commented. "NAFTA was written before there was an Internet. Eventually, this document from the 1990's has to be brought into the 21st-century era. But that is work that should be done in the spirit of friendship and goodwill between sides, all of whom agree and want to make this thing work better and people who take each other's interests seriously."

Frum says the key player in the deal could be Mexico, which has elections coming up later this summer.

His biggest fear with President Trump is that American voters will swing too far in the opposite direction.

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