The idea of intercropping is gaining interest; the concept focuses on planting and harvesting two crops in the same field.

Last year about 50,000 acres of Intercropping occurred in Saskatchewan.

Lana Shaw, Manager of the Southeast Research Farm at Redvers, has been working on intercropping for some years and sees a real benefit to diversity.

"There are some real financial benefits to diversifying their rotation without ending up with ten year long rotations," she said. "They can end up with a whole lot of different markable products maybe some higher value products that maybe they would have a hard time growing, so things like a maple pea is quite hard to grow as monocrop but as an intercrop is worked really quite well."

Shaw, says combining a pulse and an oilseed together increases crop diversity, reduces risk and may lower input costs.

"A lot of the same equipment can be used," she said. "But we are trying to seed two crops at the same time instead of one. Harvesting two crops instead of one at the same time instead and then having to separate one them after the fact, so there are some equipment considerations that might keep people from doing it."

An Intercropping Workshop is being held Wednesday at the Italian Club in Regina.

More information is also available from your local Saskatchewan Agriculture Rural Service Centre.

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