An Assiniboia area farmer took part in the Canadian Wheat New Crop Missions this year. 

Scott Hepworth is Vice Chair of the Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission and was helping to promote this year’s high-quality Durum crop to our customers in Morroco, Algeria and Italy.

He says we’ve got one of our best durum crops this year and reaction from our buyers and millers has been good and really quite positive. 

“The two North African markets are different than Italy. They typically buy high-quality durum which is made into couscous, so they’re always looking for high-quality Canadian durum. Italy doesn’t always buy the top quality durum. They’re usually in the mid-range durum classes, but this year they had a lower quality harvest of their own so they are in the market for some high-quality durum this year.”

Saskatchewan produces about 80 percent of the durum grown in Canada with Canadian durum exports accounting for approximately 50% of the world’s durum trade.

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