Saskatchewan’s Court of Appeal recently heard the Provinces court case against the Federal Governments jurisdictional power to impose the Carbon Tax.

The National Farmers Union sent a brief into the court saying that they feel the Federal Government does have that power.

NFU Vice President Stewart Wells says the issue of climate change has been on the government’s radar for years.

“Canada has gone to all sorts of international meetings and signed all sorts of international agreements designed to try to curb pollution that is having a negative effect on the climate but nobody had tried to do anything about it. Now, for the first time really, the Federal Government of Canada has brought forward this Pollution Pricing Act.”

Wells says climate change and its potential impact is a key issue that needs to be addressed.

“It’s an issue that if left unchecked nature and the climate is going to make these decisions for us. The question is not do we need to change something; the climate is going to make those changes. The question is do we want to be part of trying to direct and steer those changes so that it has the least effect on farmers and other people.”

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