After three decades of service, one local firefighter received honours at last night's Swift Current city council meeting. 

Trevor Bruan, captain at the Swift Current Fire Department, was presented with the Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal on behalf of the Governor General of Canada. 

Braun stands centre amongst others from the Swift Current Fire Department. Braun stands centre amongst others from the Swift Current Fire Department. 

Presenting the 30-year service medal at city council was Swift Current MLA, Everett Hindley. 

"It's with great pride and gratitude that we present Captain Trevor Braun with a 30-year service medal commemorating his three decades of dedication and selfless service," said Hindley. 

Hindley spoke at length about how Braun began at the fire department in 1992, on December 1. He also touched on how Braun was initially an auxiliary member of the department for two and half years before that. 

"Little did he know at the time that he would become not only a pillar of our department but also a cherished member of our community," said Hindley. 

From there, talk of how Braun was married to his wife, Erin, in 1993. Hindley went on to talk of how Braun's family continued to grow, and how he went on to not only become a father, but one whose children have gone on to thrive in their own unique careers. 

He touched on how in 2012, Braun sold the family farm, dedicating his professional life to firefighting, and stepping into the world of real estate. 

"He made a significant transition, selling the family farm and venturing into real estate, acquiring rental properties," said Hindley. "His financial acumen and entrepreneurial spirit have enabled him to flourish in this new endeavour."

Braun's athletic history was also bright into the spotlight, with Hindley bringing up his marathon running which has stretched from local events in Saskatchewan, all the way across the ocean to Iceland, where he competed in 2004. 

"In 2008, he participated in a triathlon at the Police Fire Games in Saskatoon," said Hindley. "In 2016, he competed in another triathlon in Elkwater with his fellow firefighter business partner and friend Reagan Darby. These events not only reflect his passion for physical fitness but also his camaraderie with fellow first responders."

One of the most substantial highlights from Braun's career that was brought up was his founding of the Swift Current Firefighter Charity. The Charity has to date averaged $6,000 a year, which is used to support families and charities. 

"Trevor's leadership and compassion have made a tangible difference in the lives of many in Swift Current and area," said Hindley. 

Braun himself was then invited to speak to Swift Current city council, answering some of their questions. They remarked on how he has been a long-time positive influence in the community, how his work has always been amongst the best, and how he has helped form the bedrock of firefighter culture in Swift Current. 

Braun himself, was very humble. He eventually relented under the praise, accepting some of the credit being paid to him. 

Braun encouraged young folks to pursue firefighting, pushing the notion that for the right few, it's the career of a life time. Braun encouraged young folks to pursue firefighting, pushing the notion that for the right few, it's the career of a life time. 

"Initially, I just didn't feel I was a full firefighter," said Braun. "It was 'just Swift Current', and eight or 10 years in you realized that [the Swift Current] department is kind of a leader in the province. Now other departments look up to this department. [I am] kind of proud of that. That we were part of that together with the other guys."

Hindley had finished earlier with the following. 

"In Trevor Braun, we find a true hero," Hindley expressed. "Not just in the uniform he wears, but in the way he lives his life. His 30 years of service as a firefighter are a testament to his unwavering dedication to the safety and well-being of our community, and beyond that, his personal achievements, his family values and his commitment to charity exemplify the qualities we hold dear in our firefighting family."


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