A winner has been chosen for the 50/50 For Change Early Bird Draw. 

Ray Bourlon, a 94-year-old retiree from Swift Current, had the lucky ticket pulled today. He was able to drive himself down to the Legion Hall, where he was handed his $500 cash prize. 

"Feels really good," said Bourlon. "I can buy myself something for in the house. I still support myself, as I am living by myself in the city."

The first thing Bourlon did with his winnings was to hand the Legion back $100, as a donation. 

"I support the Legion," said Bourlon. "Ever since I joined when I was 55." 

Bourlon has been with the Legion ever since he first joined in 1984. For him, the Legion holds a special place in his heart, as his older brother served during WWII when Bourlon was still 16. 

Folks interested in supporting the Legion themselves can still buy 50/50 For Change tickets this year. The main draw is being made on November 3, where the prize could offer the winner up to $25,000. Tickets are being sold at a variety of locations in Swift Current, with Live Action Broadcasts happening throughout the coming weeks. 

Bourlon will have his winning ticket entered to win in the November 3 draw, giving him the chance to win the main draw. 

"[If I win again] the first thing I am going to do is take a deep breath," said Bourlon.


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