The students at Gull Lake School have raised the bar for money raised at their school for the Terry Fox Foundation.

Kids in the K-12 school were tasked with reaching the goal of $5,000 raised for the foundation this year.

They have shattered that objective, bringing in over $7,400 in the days leading up to September 27, when they went on their Terry Fox Run. 

A teacher for grades three and four at the school, Anesia Boutin was blown away by the student's ability to go out and raise money in the community. 

"It's exciting because they went over and above what we kind of thought would happen," said Boutin. "Because everything was online, people had a link that they could click on and give their money that way."

The approach these kids took is that of a modern generation, making use of an online option where people could go in and donate while also keeping track of how each individual class was performing during the fundraising. 

Raising the most money this year were the eighth graders. These young go-getters managed to make use of QR codes during their push for cancer research, improving the old-fashioned door-to-door method most folks grew up with. A simple scan of the code directed people to the online page for donation. 

"For pledging, they went out and bought a QR code," said Boutin. "People could easily get the money just through their phones delivered to our school. It worked out well that way."

Of course, these kids weren't just motivated to go the extra mile for no reason. They were told that the classroom that raised the most money would be rewarded with a sleepover at the school. Seeing as the eighth graders dominated the campaign, making use of new-age technological tactics, they have been declared the winners.

All the money they raised will be sent to the Terry Fox Foundation, and cancer research. Terry Fox first ran across Canada in 1980, 42 years ago. Since then, hundreds if not thousands of communities and organizations across Canada and around the globe have commemorated his efforts every year by hosting their own Terry Fox Runs. In Gull Lake School, the Canadian icon has inspired 32 years of Terry Fox Runs. This year was certainly their biggest yet, with hopes that they will raise even more money next year.