Saskatchewan has already surpassed its 2030 Growth Plan target of $20 billion in agri-food exports hitting $20.2 billion in 2023. 
Vietnam is among the countries increasing their investment in Saskatchewan products.

In 2023, agri-food exports to Vietnam were reported to be worth $46 million, that marks a  227 percent increase into the country, going from $3.7 million in 2022.

The province says the most significant increase in value came from the export of non-durum wheat which skyrocketed to $40.6 million from $3.7 million the previous year. 

Agriculture Minister David Marit says Saskatchewan producers provide high-quality agri-food products that are increasing in demand across the globe, which is reflected in numbers like these.

"The growth in export value to Vietnam highlights our commitment to providing communities world-wide with food that is sustainable, safe and reliable."  

Non-durum wheat was Saskatchewan's largest agri-food export in 2023, rising nearly 32 per cent to a total of $3.7 billion in world-wide exports.

Other top agri-food exports to Vietnam include peas and pure-bred swine.  

Trade and Export Development Minister Jeremy Harrison says Saskatchewan has invested heavily in Vietnam with our International Trade and Investment Office.

"Through continued positive discussions with the Vietnamese Ambassador to Canada, our strong relationship is leading to more opportunities for producers right here at home. Maintaining strong bi-lateral relationships with our international partners is more important than ever, and our government remains committed to sustained engagement both here and in Vietnam."