Cabri will be waiting a little while longer for its new X-ray machine.

Cabri's Prairie Health Care Centre was the beneficiary of efforts by the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Centre and the Ladies Hospital Auxiliary group of Cabri back in Feb. 2023. Together, the groups fundraised $250,000 which was used to facilitate the purchase of a new X-ray machine for the community. 

However, a year later there has still been no installation. 

When asked why, the SHA first confirmed that the installation would still be happening. 

"The SHA is grateful to the community and the Dr. Noble Iron Regional Healthcare Foundation for their donations that facilitated the purchase of new imaging equipment for Cabri," read an official SHA statement. "The SHA is excited to be able to install this new imaging equipment in the Health Centre in Cabri in the near future."

The issue the SHA and Cabri have run into is the energy requirements of the system. The existing electrical setup at the Health Centre is currently unable to meet the demands of the X-ray.

"The equipment installation requires renovations and electrical upgrades," read the SHA statement. "The SHA Medical Imaging team is currently working on obtaining competitive construction quotes as a final step in preparing for the Cabri digital x-ray replacement project."

A final timeline for installation will be released once they have awarded the contract to a reputable contractor.