The Southwest Facility Foundation has received another donation, and this one was done anonymously. 

While the names of the individuals who donated have not been released, the amount they have generously contributed has been. An enormous donation of $50,000 has brought the SWFF to a total of $650,000. 

That money will be put towards either a new aquatics centre or an indoor field house. 

Travis Cuthbert, a board member of the SWFF, is blown away by the generosity of the community and by that of this donation. 

"It's fantastic from the standpoint that it was an individual family," said Cuthbert. "That felt that they wanted to put their mark on the community, and have been doing so for many, many years."

While the exact identity of these individuals has yet to be disclosed, their donation will see generations benefit from their goodwill. Either one of these new facilities would last for decades, and be enjoyed by children and families all throughout that time. 

"These individuals have kids and grandkids living within the community," shared Cuthbert. "It's likely that they want to see this built for their kids and grandkids, and someday down the road, their great-grandkids as well."

Anyone who would like to support the SWFF can do so by heading over to their website and following the donation page steps. 

The money is being held by the donation, in the event that the City of Swift Current is approved for a grant from the federal government to build one of the aforementioned facilities. 

Sadly, this year Swift Current was once again denied the grant, meaning that it will have to yet again apply and hope for better results. The SWFF is a group that hopes to bolster the rant application process, by showing a financial commitment from not only the city but from the citizens of southwest Sask. Contributing to the SWFF shows the government that the whole of the area is committed to ensuring the facilities get built with help via donated funds.