Families and community members came out to enjoy a BBQ with games and cake yesterday afternoon to support Gull Lake EMS. 

The fundraiser ran from 3 – 6 p.m. at the emergency services building in Gull Lake, where their ambulances were pulled out to display.

Paige Farr, a primary care paramedic in the Town of Gull Lake, hopes to see a great turnout to help raise funds for new equipment. 

“This week is EMS week and we’re just celebrating and getting out in the community,” she said.  

People who stopped by the BBQ could tour the ambulances or enjoy some free cake. Additionally, hot dogs were sold for $3 and there was a first aid kit raffle that could be entered in for free. 

“We’re wanting to get new stair chairs and a new monitor,” noted Farr when asked what they plan to do with the proceeds.

Despite the cloudy day, children could be seen enjoying the activities and could get toys at the tent set up outside. 

Farr noted that Gull Lake EMS is looking forward to putting on more community events this year.