The RM of Swift Current Fire Department (RMSCFD) was dispatched to Lac Pelletier yesterday afternoon when a boat ignited on the water. 

RMSCFD Fire Chief Louis Cherpin noted that while details are still under investigation, it appears that an explosion occurred on the boat while it was in use.  

“From what I understand the users were using the boat and there was some sort of explosion on the boat,” he stated. 

Two individuals sustained superficial burns in the fire and were transported to the hospital as a precaution. 

Cherpin also acknowledged on-lookers at the lake that jumped into action to diffuse the fire. 

“There was a couple of bystanders in the water with wave runners and boats and they actually put the fire out and helped them,” he explained. “The boat was floating towards the west shore and it was hard to get to with the terrain and it could have easily started grass fire, but some local community members were able to put the boat out by splashing it with water.” 

The cause of the explosion is yet to be determined. 

The boat, which sunk to the bottom of the lake, will likely have to be pulled out of the water. 

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