A beloved former Swift Current Bronco is returning to the southwest this week to share his firsthand experience of finding empowerment through recovery. 

Brady Leavold will be stopping through Shaunavon on Thursday to speak -- recounting trauma, years of drug use, several arrests, and overcoming it all.  

Members of the town and surrounding communities are excited for his visit, especially old friend Luke Hunter, board member with Shaunavon Minor Hockey. 

“His story is powerful,” said Hunter. “It's a story of redemption and strength. It's a story of him turning bad into something good. And what I love most about Brady is that, even though he went through all those years of struggles and attempted suicides and multiple overdoses, he now is using that journey that he walked through in his life to help others.” 

Thursday afternoon Leavold will spend time with the younger generation when he speaks at Shaunavon High School.  

Later that evening, Shaunavon Minor Hockey arranged for a free open-invitation event for a more uncensored version of his story better fit for mature audiences. The Crescent Point Wickenheiser Centre doors will open at 6:30 p.m. on the 14 for the evening conversation.  

To Hunter, it’s important that members of the community hear what Leavold has to say, though it might be difficult and delve into dark subject matter.  

“You hear stories like Brady's, and you go well, that happens to other people and it's far away from small towns, then when you talk to Brady, he informs you that it's far more real in small towns than what a person even realizes,” he said. “We just thought that if there's any way we could help kids in our community in that might be fighting with possibly going down the wrong road or making the wrong decision, if they can hear Brady's testimony and it changes the course of their life or the course of their decisions -- it's all worth it.  

“I just want to emphasize how proud I am of Brady, and what he's doing for others and how he's reaching out in so many ways to help young kids," he added.

Hunter played three seasons with the Swift Current Broncos alongside Leavold and described him as someone he knew would ‘do something special,’ instantly upon meeting.