A rising star in the Canadian music scene and former American Idol contestant Brayden King will be taking to the stage during Frontier Days next month.  

King has had a busy year including just wrapping up a three-month tour that saw him making stops everywhere from Vancouver Island to Alberta. He also recently returned from a trip to Nashville where he could focus on his songwriting and collaborate with some of his favorite artists.  

When King takes to the cabaret stage at Frontier Days he may include his new single "Nicotine" in his set, and says the song was several years in the making.  

"That song, I think was the first song that I ever wrote for myself as a solo artist. I wrote that one all by myself and probably about four years ago was when I wrote it and put it out as an acoustic version a couple of years ago and people really connected to it. Then we finally finished up a fully recorded version of it." 

Along with a stop in Swift Current, King will be performing at a few other Saskatchewan music festivals this summer including the Gateway Festival and the Dog Patch music festival and adds that he is honored to be a part of these and although he now lives in Alberta, he has always enjoyed playing shows in Saskatchewan.  

Although King's performance at Frontier Days will be his first Swift Current show, he is very familiar with the area as he explains.  

"It's my first time ever playing in Swift Current. It's really wild to me that we haven't been there before so I am so excited because I actually grew up hanging out in Swift Current all the time. My dad is from Swift and my grandparents lived there so I would say for the first 13 years of my life I was there very often, so this is super exciting." 

For those planning on attending King's cabaret show on June 29th, he promises that it will be a high-energy, rocking country show.