The Breakfast Boys will be a one man show until next week while Jon takes a trip to sunny, sandy beaches in a climate that will be about 30 degrees warmer than here.  But he's definetly feeling a little guilty about it.  In 8 years of being the voice of the Broncos ... Jon hasn't missed a game!  He's been to more than any of the coaching staff over the years!   I remember when Tim Keller missed a couple games last year for personal stuff ... but not Jon!  Up until now I guess.  


The good news is, he's the only one who thinks he's doing something bad.  Everyone deserves a break, and should be able to take it if you got holiday days to burn .. which Keener does, do to being an old man!  (he's got 4 weeks now!!)


I thought it would be fun to see what his biggest fan thought of him ending his ironman stretch ... so I called his mom ... Janice!!