Numerous infrastructure projects are being invested in by the Federal and Provincial Government to ensure resilient communities across the province. 

In April, the R.M. of Val Marie got word that the federal and provincial governments would be providing a grand total of $1 million for repairs on Olson Bridge and Jensen Bridge. 

The funding from the governments will cover 50% of the cost of the project, or up to $500,000 for each bridge. 

Larry Grant, Reeve of Val Marie, said that evaluations on the two bridges take place bi-annually, with minor fixes taking place along the way. 

“We've been doing ongoing minor repairs over the years,” he said. “The bridge is getting quite old, and just in the position that it needs to be replaced.” 

Grant added that the R.M. of Val Marie has already secured the funds to pay for their 50% of the project, through multiple years of preparation and saving. 

“We've been now saving up, and we have enough funds to cover the rest,” he stated. 

Repairs to the Olson Bridge will include replacing the existing timber bridge with a new precast concrete and steel substructure. 

The Jensen Bridge will see the replacement of the existing truss bridge with a new structure as well as perform required earthwork. 

A date for the repairs has not yet been determined.