Saturday night saw bull ridin' cowboys holding on coming out the chute.

These boot-wearing, hat-tipping, bull-riding gentlemen came to Swift Current as part of the Frontier Fall Fair. Their goal was to hold on for eight seconds to earn a score, while also entertaining the folks who came to watch the show as they defied their 2000+ pound steeds to do them in.

The event, officially titled the Swift Current Bull Buster, was an official Bull Riders Canada event, which saw competition with stakes as these riders rode to earn a position in the standings.

Running this event was Cody Debolt, producer for the event with Voltage Productions.

Cody Debolt, Voltage ProductionsCody Debolt, Voltage Productions (photo by Hayden Michaels)

"I love coming to Saskatchewan myself," said Debolt. "We put on rodeos and bull rides all over Saskatchewan. We love coming here, we love the people and we love Swift Current."

As the night began, riders had some trouble getting their ride right, as it took quite a few tries before the brutish bulls could be brought to the brink of eight seconds. Only three bull-busting bull riders managed to hang on in the long round, those being William Barrows, who rode twice, once on Pinto Bean and Double Down, Fabian Dueck who rode Wise Guy, and Carter Sahli who rode Burt Reynolds (the bull, not the actor).

Barrows, who is from Foremost, Alberta, had come into the competition with some recognition under his belt, as he was the talk of the town behind the scenes. Crew members from the rodeo were saying he was the man to watch, as he has been actively making a name for himself this year.

Debolt spoke about the man's talent.

"That guy is coming up and he's a rank son of a gun," praised Debolt. "He can ride about anything you put under him, so watch for him at the Calgary Stampede. You will see him there."

The championship round was again dominated by Burrows, as he was the only one to go the distance, scoring 87.5 while riding on Bubba Gump.

A big, big bull.An intimidating stare down. (photo by Hayden Michaels)

Burrows ended up claiming both first and second-place earnings for the night, totalling $3,650 pocketed. In third place was Fabian Dueck with $570, and fourth place was Carter Sahli with $380.

After the official competition, there was a contribution sponsored by Deanna and Baden Gates from Bacoda Crane & Oilfield towards Dorie's House. The contracting company made a donation that hinged on one rider's bull riding performance. Brahmer Gaehring was the man for the job. If he managed to ride for the full eight seconds, he would receive $500 and Dorie's House would also get $500. If he got dropped, Dorie's House would get the full $1,000.

"We're a little different than most production companies," said Debolt. "We try to put stuff back in (communities). We try to really help out and make it worth it for these towns. When they come out and support us, they're supporting their own too."

Gaehring ended up coming down shy of eight seconds, leaving the full $1,000 for Dorie's House.