Author: swiftcurrentonline.com

Since agriculture first came the prairies, the burrowing owl has been struggling to survive.

Standing at only 9 inches tall, the yellow-eye bird uses gopher or badger holes for its habitat.

At this time, the endangered species is particularly vulnerable. Andrea Kotylak is the habitat stewarship co-ordinator for Operation Burrowing Owl.

" Well at this time of year the burrowing owl young are learning to fly.  They're attracted to roadways   due to the heat that the roadways give off.  That attracts insects and the burrowing owls go to the roadways to eat the insects and then it's causing a lot of fatalities."

Kotylack says they believe there are only 500-800 pairs left in Canada, half of which are in Saskatchewan. Last year's census recorded a 28% decline, linked to the poor weather a short food supply.