Motorists across southwestern Sask. and Canada will experience a slight uptick at the gas pumps today.

The 23 per cent increase in the carbon tax will push the tax on gasoline from 14 cents per litre to 17 cents per litre.

GasBuddy's Head of Petroleum Analysis Patrick De Haan believes gas stations trying to implement the three-cent hike before today could face repercussions.

"Gas bars and stations will generally pass that tax along as soon as it hits them," he said. "They generally hold off on passing that along simply because they know there's a lot of eyes on them, politicians certainly would love to go after them for raising prices unnecessarily before the carbon tax increase."

Saskatchewan's average gas price has jumped close to 30 cents per litre since the middle of January. Swift Current's average price currently sits at $1.549 per litre.