Free Fishing Weekend has arrived in Saskatchewan, luring out plenty of would-be anglers.

While the need for a license has been suspended for the long weekend, that doesn't mean the rules have all snapped the line and run. 

Regulations for limits still apply, as well as for barbed hooks on specific waters, and things like spotlight fishing. 

Discussing some of the finer points of the angling holiday is Kory Bertrand, fisheries biologist for the Ministry of Environment. He espoused how important it is to remember limits, and where to find the limits. 

"Some other regulations that I think are important to remember are that live minnows can't be used as bait," said Bertrand. "And while two lines can be used when ice fishing, they must be within sight of each other."

The goal of the Free Fishing Weekend is to encourage families and individuals to experience the outdoors in Saskatchewan. 

"We hope to get people hooked on this favourite provincial pastime," said Bertrand. 

This year, due to the weather conditions being warmer than most years, ice thickness is going to be a bigger concern. It is crucial to remember that for walking, four inches of ice is the minimum for safety. For light vehicles, at least 12 inches is required. 

"Always remember ice is never 100 per cent safe," said Bertrand. "If you don't know, don't go."

Another tip is to always bring a friend and to tell someone when, where, and for how long you plan to go ice fishing. 

"It doesn't have to be your secret fishing hole, but at least the general area and the time frame is a very wise decision," said Bertrand. "And lastly, while everyone is out enjoying the frozen lakes and what may seem like the icy cold of Mount Everest, please help keep it clean and practice 'leave no trace'. By picking up our litter, we can ensure our beautiful province stays beautiful for generations to come."

Free Fishing Weekend does not apply to private or federally owned bodies of water.