The Swift Current Fire Department is advising caution regarding waterways. 

With the fluctuating temperatures, the edge of the water can be deceiving. A good example is the Swift Current Creek. While the winding passage of the waterway may appear covered in ice, the topmost layer will be thin, and may only be a layer of snow. 

Even as the season continues to chill, the ice will not be thick enough to support an individual for weeks. This also goes for ponds, rivers, culverts, and other potential freezing hazards. 

Marlene Funk, the administrative assistant at the Swift Current Fire Department, extends this caution in particular to families with young children and pets. 

"Residents are cautioned to keep pets away from the creek," said Funk. "Pedestrians and drivers are urged to exercise extra time and caution during their outdoor activities."

In the event someone does fall into the ice, they should evacuate the water as quickly as possible and get to a warm and dry place to disrobe and dry off. If someone sees someone fall through, they should call 911 and alert Emergency Services. Do not try to venture onto the ice in any event. 


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